Indian weddings are known to be one of the most spectacular extravaganzas and are enjoyed with great zeal and enthusiasm. And, who are considered the showstoppers of an Indian wedding? Of course, the heavenly couple. When planning a wedding, the most important thing to contemplate is bridal jewelry. While you are planning to buy bridal jewelry, there are many factors that should be on your priority list.

There are many items of beautification for a bride which she is adorned with from head to toe on her big day. These are known as the sixteen ornament items. These include the Maang tikka, called the forehead ornaments, earrings, nose pin, necklace, finger rings, armlets, bangles, waist belt anklets, and so on.

This concept of Solah Shringar has been going on for ages. Most of our mothers and grandmothers are well-versed with this notion and many brides till date seeks enlightenment to buy the perfect bridal jewelry for themselves.

The wedding day is one of the most special days for a bride and her near and dear ones. Every girl desire to get hitched with an absolute flawless traditional touch. And the most significant traditional touch is well highlighted by the bridal jewelry. Hence, having a correct guide to buy the exquisite bridal jewelry for yourself can encourage and enhance your bridal look for your

’The Day’.

Here are some tips for buying bridal jewelry for your wedding.

·        Select jewelry that matches your dress code

Whether it is your wonderful and magnificent lehenga, saree, Sharara set or your radiant and jaw-dropping wedding gown, your bridal jewelry should match the colours of your outfit. You should make sure that the bridal jewelry has the similar colour gemstones that matches your attire. If the colour combinations are not proper and not in sync, it can outrage your bridal look.

·        Less is more

When you are planning to buy bridal jewelry, you should invest in quality rather than quantity. A bridal necklace with great workmanship, designed with exceptional traditional style qualities, and decent and reasonable color combinations can do wonders to your bridal look. There is no need to wear necklaces one over the other, which can overpower your look and feel and also become difficult to handle.

·        Go in for popular styles and designs

A bridal set of jewelry must include and substantiate the up to the minute jewelry designs and styles that are the noteworthy choice of most of the brides. Your bridal jewelry set should become a statement piece on your wedding day. Therefore, along with the traditional touch you desire in your bridal jewelry, the beautiful ornaments you will adorn having the latest design will give you the most astonishing bridal appearance.

·        Understand your neckline and necklace outline

Your necklace silhouette must match your neckline. It is regarded as one of the most vital factors when selecting jewelry for your wedding. The necklace layout must be in obedience with your neckline for its best fitting and grace. If the necklace outline is not in line with your neckline, the charmer of your outfit as well as your necklace will tarnish. Also, it can make you feel uncomfortable while wearing it.

·        Go in for the jewelry metals that suit your skin

Sometimes, the jewelry metals that don’t suit your skin can lead to severe

skin diseases and infections that can leave you in an upset condition. Therefore, you must look for jewelry that is of great quality and suitable metals. Good quality metals like gold, silver, platinum, sterling silver, and stainless steel can be friendly to skin.

·        Invest in jewelry that has a lifetime commitment

When you are purchasing jewelry, it is not only the ornaments you are purchasing, but an investment you are making that will be worn by you on your future occasions. So, make sure you are investing wisely in the most durable ornaments as well along with their sheen and beautiful designs they have. It is

also great to purchase detachable jewelry that can be converted into smaller pieces that looks trendy when worn.


There are also many online stores that will assist you to select bridal jewelry for your wedding day. When you put money to buy bridal jewelry, you must buy it from a popular and authentic jewelry source. One of them is India Trend, which ensures its great services to bring forth colossal and valuable bridal jewelry at great prices for your wedding day.


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