Jamendo is an online platform where musicians and music lovers can share their music. It provides users with an opportunity to legally download tracks from independent artists. Moreover, it offers an open community where artists can promote their works and gain recognition. In addition, the platform also offers the possibility to earn money through music licensing.

Users can sign up for a free account to access the services. Upon signing up, they can choose their username and password to get access to the services. Afterwards, they can customize their preferences and add other personal information. They can also specify their favourite genres and artists. When a user has signed up, they can upload their own tracks and even write reviews. The website also features a personal webpage where you can browse information related to your registration.

Besides the music, Jamendo has an interesting feature allowing users to donate to their favorite artists through PayPal tip jar. The site allows users to donate up to 50% of the advertising revenue they receive. However, it deducts a small administrative fee from the donations. Moreover, it also offers the option of donating directly to the artists.

During registration, the user is required to provide accurate information. For example, the artist should indicate the real name of the people who own the rights to the works they upload. At the same time, the artist is committed to not violating the General Terms of Use of JAMENDO. Additionally, the Artist guarantees JAMENDO against any claims resulting from the violation of the obligations.

Among the many features of Jamendo, the platform offers the opportunity to download music for free. Moreover, the music is categorized according to country and genre. This is an excellent way to listen to new tracks without spending a dime.

The website also implements Creative Commons licenses to ensure that it does not infringe the rights of the Artist. With the CC By-NC-ND license, the use of the Works is limited to noncommercial purposes, with the exception of those in which the rights of third parties are involved. Furthermore, the site has a license mark that helps visitors to easily find CC tracks.

Users can also opt in or out of the Jamendo Licensing service, which provides them with an easy licensing solution. Since it has been launched, it has brought the service to 30,000 clients worldwide. Aside from providing a fair price and all rights included, the platform also guarantees artists up to 65% of the income generated by the licenses sold on the site.

Users are encouraged to keep a backup copy of the data they upload. Moreover, they are urged to act responsibly and be loyal. Besides, the website advises them not to post inappropriate content. Also, the website does not take any responsibility for any damages caused by the users’ actions.

JAMENDO may also modify its Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and General Terms of Use. Users will be notified of these changes through their User Account and a newsletter. Lastly, JAMENDO reserves the right to suspend or terminate the operation of Services at any time.


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