Working on a word processor like Google Docs means multitasking several things simultaneously. For instance, you must write, pay attention to spelling and grammar, ensure correct formatting, etc. Therefore, every second you can save significantly matters.

Although Google Docs seem simple on the surface, the program is overflowing with hidden options that can help you streamline your workflow with less effort.

It is a Google product, and all Windows users can easily use Google Docs as their go-to word processor. But can you use Google Docs on MacBook? The answer is yes. You just need to have a Gmail account and use Chrome as your default browser.

Insert an Edited Picture or a Handwritten Signature

To insert your handwritten signature or an edited image, click Insert > Drawing > New. Then, hover over the Line option and select Scribble. This will give you a blank box where you can write your signature.

Although it may not be your best handwriting because you are using a trackpad or mouse, it will be much more efficient than printing a PDF document, signing it, and then scanning it.

Furthermore, the drawing function comes in handy when modifying a picture. For instance, if you need to underline or circle a specific map location, drag the image into the new drawing tab and insert an arrow or a shape from the toolbar option.

Edit Offline

Offline editing is a boon, and it allows users to continue using Google Docs even if there’s a power outage or the Wi-Fi connection is spotty. So your work won’t be interrupted unexpectedly.

When you’re back online, your progress will be synced automatically.

For editing offline, you must install the Google Docs Offline extension and navigate to the homepage. Then, click the man menu icon and select Settings > click the gray Offline button to slide it to the right.

Assign Edits

You’ll notice a pencil icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and this icon gives you the option to work in the Suggesting mode. Enabling this mode will render anything you type as a suggested edit.

Along the right side of the document, each edit will get its comment box and the option to reject, accept or reply to the suggested changes.

If you are collaborating with several people on your team, you can choose to assign specific edits to specific members of the team. Simply type + in the reply box and enter their email address. Then, Google will send an email notifying the assigned individuals that some suggestions are waiting for them to resolve.

Have the Word Count on Display

If you need to check the word count and do so very often, it is best to have the word count on display. You might have to maintain a strict word limit, or you are simply nursing a neurotic habit.

You don’t have to waste time visiting the Tools section and checking the word count. Also, you don’t have to keep using the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + C. Instead, you can click the Word Count option under Tools and then scroll down to tick the box next to Display Word Count While Typing.

With this, the word count will be displayed in the bottom left corner of your screen. You can even expand it to see the character count, number of pages and more stats.

Use the Voice Typing Feature

Google’s voice typing abilities do not extend to deciphering audio files played loudly on a speaker. However, you don’t have to pause the audio to type each word manually.

Click Tools in the navigation bar and then click Voice Typing. Then, ensure your mic is enabled. Your headphones must be plugged in, and you can play the audio files. Dictate whatever you need to say, and Google will automatically transcribe it.

Google’s Voice Typing feature can also be enabled if you need a break from typing. Then, all you have to do is dictate and give your fingers the much-needed rest.

Convert your Google Docs

If you find it easier to work in Google Docs, but your client or manager wants you to send Microsoft Word files, you can easily convert the Doc files. First, download the Google Doc as a Word document by clicking File > Download. Then, select the file type option.

Besides the .docx extension, you can also download and convert the files to PDF, web page, rich text format, etc.


Memorizing these Google Docs tricks can make your life easier and save precious time. It will help you quickly streamline your workflow and finish your tasks quicker. So do not hesitate to implement them when you’re working on Google Docs the next time. Furthermore, don’t forget to check the Add-Ons section under Extensions.


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