There are times when, as a freelancer, you are getting close to your deadline for the submission of a job you have not yet started. Procrastination is a part of freelancing, and it is caused by a lack of proper time management. Even as an employer, a CEO, or even the head of a team, proper time management is always necessary to achieve the desired goal of that particular project.

It is quite stressful trying to plan your time all by yourself, especially when there is no time to plan time. Even when hiring virtual or physical assistants, they would not have the accurate and encompassing form of tracking your time, and time can go fast when you don’t do anything. Time tracking is an all-time goal for any professional; be It a freelancer, an employer, a CEO, or even an entrepreneur, every one of them needs to be able to track their time.

However, if you are a CEO or an employer, there is another form of time tracking known as LogWork time tracking software that includes the screenshot monitor feature, and this allows you to monitor your employee’s time and track it adequately. LogWork works as a tracker in the sense that as soon as an employer, both remote or office, starts, the program, which has already been installed on the desktop, would automatically start tracking the time for that employee, watching the amount of time they spend on the task and how exactly they manage their time. LogWork offers a Free plan, and if you need some premium benefits, you can try the free trials of the 2 other paid plans and decide which one suits your needs the most.

Using a time tracker is relatively easy and can be activated automatically or manually, depending on the kind of time tracker you get. The time trackers are to be very accurate in calculating the time spent to second, such as LogWork. A time tracker would also provide where you can monitor who is working at a particular point and who is not; it also helps you calculate individual hours employees have worked. It is known for little or no mistakes and can calculate data and time faster than an Excel sheet without even inputting the data. LogWork Time Tracker with the screenshot monitor feature is able to give a comprehensive report of the work process; this means that you don’t only monitor but also get adequate reports.

There are various forms of time trackers on the Internet but not everything is free, and even the ones that are free cannot perform the taste mentioned above. However, there is a particular time tracker that cannot only perform the task above but even store your data for up to 2 years. Just check out LogWork Time Tracking Tool, and you will be pleased with what you find.

If you want to track both the time and the screenshots of your employee, you can check out LogWork; it delivers the tracked time, screenshots, and task notes all to your system, and it can work without the Internet. Every data that would be tracked without the Internet connection will automatically upload itself when the Internet connection is restored.


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