We aim to make our product appealing, fun, and enjoyable for children because they enjoy solving puzzles and playing video games. We spend a lot time developing new features, both for the website and our app, that has evolved into a real Kids Academy. In this article we describe what the interactive worksheets are and how they work.

How Does it Work?

The main difference from ordinary worksheets is that interactive worksheets allows everyone to complete the sheet immediately and receive their score without installing the app.

Every worksheet on our website and mobile app is checked using the neural network algorithms. They ensure that the task was completed correctly. To teach the neural network recognize correct and incorrect answers, we used machine learning technology. As well, certified teachers were invited to the project to  check and correct possible mistakes made by the neural network.

This technology is used in the worksheets to execute various types checks that are necessary to score points. Computer Vision classic image processing algorithms are used to check labyrinths. They also check for ticks in boxes and tracing kids activities. It has made possible to have a wide range of tasks that will keep the child engaged even if they on the same topic. You might be curious as to who decides what type of check. The designers do. Based on the task type, the margin of error and answer variations, they choose the check type that will be used for each worksheet.

Where can I find interactive worksheets?

Interactive worksheets for early age can be found in both the Talented and Gifted app and our website. You might be familiar with the worksheets within the app. We’d love to share with you where to find them and how to use them on the website.

Be aware that, although we offer the most extensive worksheet catalogs, assignments are available for grades Pre-K through Grade 3.

First, select the Worksheets point in our Learning Resources section. Next, choose the worksheet you want to practice. To start, simply click the “Complete Online” link in your browser.

Touchscreen devices are recommended for interactive sheets. You can use a stylus, or even a finger to accomplish tasks. This is a great method to practice writing, tracing letters and number recognition. Our interactive worksheets can be used on all browsers and devices though we recommend using an iPad or similar tablet-like device.

Click the Start button to open the worksheet for your child. The app also offers the following functions: ‘Pencil’, ‘Eraser’, ‘Clear all’, as well as sound and voice recording and the ‘Task Completion’ button. You can also move to the next or previous worksheet.

Once you have completed the task, the worksheet will be marked green so you can continue on to the next step. If you don’t pass through the task successfully, your young learner or you will hear an encouraging words and be offered another chance to complete this task.

We have made sure that the child will not be depressed if the task they have just completed contains any mistakes. The child receives support and positive evaluation of their efforts by voice-over actor, as they hear the encouraging “Let’s Try Once Again”, and there is no rejection from a so-called primary caregiver.


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