There are two conditions to fulfill if you want to get into the YouTube partner program (YPP) or, in other words, monetize your YouTube channel. The first one is to get 1000 subscribers, and the second one is to get at least a watch time of 4000 hours.

At first glance, getting 4000 must be trickier than getting 1000, right? However, it is not that simple.

In any case, there are solutions to reach both the milestones quickly. In fact. as some people do, you can purchase the subscribers or watch hours you are missing, and if you pick the right site, it will be a safe, fast and effective solution that you might want to consider.

But if you don’t want to rely on paid marketing services like some creators do, then you might have started doing some math’s, and wondering which of the two milestones is the more difficult to reach; the one that, will take longer in order to get the monetization you have been dreaming of.

So, today we will see which is more difficult: 4k watch hours, or 1k subscribers? But before we do that, we need to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps in order to be able to get there.

Therefore, let’s have a look at some questions which you should ask yourself if you have been implementing on your channel and if you are not, then you need to start as soon as possible!

Is your content engaging enough?

Is your content is interesting enough that viewers would want to come back for more? If that is true, then getting 1000 subscribers might not be complicated and also, more views means more and more hours too. However, if the opposite is true, then you need to work on creating some engaging content to grasp their attention.

Are you engaging enough with your viewers?

Continuous engagement with your views is essential to earning some goodwill from them. You can do that by asking them to participate in an online poll or asking a multiple-choice question so they can comment on the answer.

Also, in each of your videos, never forget to include a line like this at the end of the middle of the video.

“So, what do you think about our video? I would love to hear your thoughts on this as it helps me improve my content,” etc.

So, if you are grasping their attention and putting them to a bit of work, they are most likely to watch more of your videos and subscribe.

And again, it is simple. More views and engagement = more hours and subscribers, faster!

You are not forgetting to ask this, Are You?

While watching YouTube videos, you might have noticed that they always ask you to subscribe and hit that bell icon.

Asking is not the problem; the problem is how to ask. In 2022, YouTubers present a problem, and after a bit of solution with a touch of suspense, they invite you to subscribe and then move on to the actual video.

This is an excellent trick, but it has become a routine that people have started ignoring since most people are doing it.

If you know how to ask them to subscribe in your own and unique way, then there is a higher chance that your video will get you some new subscribers and a lot of watch time. Especially, subscribers, since you are asking to subscribe.

So, which one is more Challenging? 4k Hours or 1k Subscribers?

And here comes the big question you have clicked this article for. The answer is neither one, and it all depends on your approach towards your audience. Also, you need to study what type of content YouTube prefers to recommend.

For instance, a recent study shows that longer videos with mentions of targeted keywords tend to attract more visitors and gain more subs. So using longer videos might be a double win, as you get more views and…more average watch time. Hence, more hours.

So, if you have many long videos, there is no doubt that reaching 4k hours of watch time will be the easiest part.

Similarly, if you have shorter and intense videos, and you correctly remind people to subscribe, getting 1k subscribers will be a breeze. The problem though, might be reaching 4k hours, as it might take a little longer.

In the end, getting 1000 subs is hard for some channels, while for others, getting watch time is hard.

You will soon understand which one for you is more difficult to reach, by looking at your analytics. For instance, will you reach 1k hours or 250 subscribers first, as they are both 25% of their total required amount?

Have a look, and the answer might be right there for you.


In the end, neither subs nor watch time is easy. It would be best to remember that the content must be pleasing to YouTube. If you can do that, then it becomes easy, and if you cannot do that, you need to polish your skills before working hard on making videos, editing them, SEO, and other related work. There are also some sites that make the job easier though, such as LenosTube, where you may want to get the required hours and subscribers. But, don’t let this be an excuse to not make the best quality videos!


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