Are you a homemaker who has a busy morning and a tired evening? Do you find it hard to focus on your health with all the chores around? You can try cycling since it is easier and more versatile. But we get how you feel. Cycling outdoors is not safe these days. But there is a way for you to cycle indoors, along with a lot of outdoor experiences.

We give you Vingo, the latest app for Indoor cycling. With Vino you won’t have to step outside your home to cycle or even jog every day. The app will bring the outdoors to your home whenever you need it. Here’s how you can use the app to get your own alone time for fitness.

Install the Vingo App on Your Smart Device

You can install Vingo on any of your smart devices. Be it your smartphone, or your tablet, or even your flat screen TV. It will be a better experience with a larger screen. With the app installed you can then connect your device with your training bike via Bluetooth. Once connected you can then access your dashboard on the app, and you are all set.

Choose to Ride Anywhere in the World

Inside the app, you can access all the preloaded virtual locations in the dashboard. Select from a range of locations from famous tourist spots to peaceful, secluded locations. These spots are all designed from real places around the world. With high-definition graphics, you will get a very immersive experience in them while you cycle. These HD graphics are the reasons why Vingo is called the best app for Online cycling. With the app, you will go on a virtual tour around the world at no cost every day. So, you no need to worry about your kids and family members. You can take care of everyone while still taking care of yourself and exploring exotic lands that you always wanted to visit.

Forget your Household Chores and Socialise

You can make a lot of friends with the Vingo app. Everyday millions of users from around the world come online into the app to exercise. They use the virtual space within Vingo to have a private time for themselves, away from their regular routine. They get together in the app using the communities within it. You can join these communities as well, or even create one for yourself. Vingo is more than an Indoor cycling app; it is a social network in this regard.

Set Targets and Get Back in Shape

Using Vingo, you can set your target weight loss goals and start working on them. The app will suggest you with different difficulty level tracks and maps, on which you can train harder every day. this way you will get back to your original fitness in no time at all. Also, you can use this bike training app as a running app too. instead of a training bike, connect it with your treadmill and go for a brisk run whenever you get free.


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