Dota 2 is a complicated but interesting virtual game you can play at an online betting app or on a PC. If you have reliable WI-FI, follow these guidelines to improve your skills. 

Engage better players

Dota 2 is a complex game in that you cannot learn everything alone. For instance, it might be difficult to identify mistakes in the game’s basics like the unique hero aspect, power spikes, and item build. 

Engaging more experienced players will help you identify your errors and shortcomings, thus allowing you more to focus on getting better at the game.

Try different roles

Different roles are offered by Dota 2. Although many players choose to specialize in a position, it can’t hurt to try out other places as it will open the opportunity to understand the game better.

For instance, you can get to know the actions of your enemy character and apply appropriate reactions to counter them.

Master the map

The effective playing of Dota 2 is largely centered around having mastery of the map. Its knowledge will help you find your fellow players and the quickest escape routes should enemies attack you.

Using the minimap, which works like the map, essentially helps in creating awareness of what is happening on the map. It is ideal to check on the minimap at least every two seconds to keep track of the game.

Optimize the settings to suit you

The game offers numerous settings that you can adjust according to your comfort to help you enhance your playing experience.

These settings range from turning off/on the auto attacks to using quick cast and controls.

Keep changing until you find the settings that resonate highly with your playing style. They are essential as they help you play correctly thus improving your game.

Improve your communication skills

Clear and concise communication when playing Dota 2 greatly influences the game’s outcome. Keeping in touch with your fellow players helps them get updated on the game, as every player can only see a limited side of the map.

Some of the communicated information includes notifying them when an enemy hero is missing, the target you want to eliminate first, and the fight you want to join. 

Communication should, however, not be confused with passing instructions. Communicating actively throughout the game helps to avoid confusion and suggest solutions.  


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