Decra roofing refers to a metal that is an alternative to the traditional wooden shingles. They are metallic roofing tiles and are long and corrugated. They are made of steel material.

While understanding the important facts about Decra roofing tiles is crucial, it’s equally essential to know when to repair, patch, or replace your roof. This knowledge can save you time and money in the long run. For more detailed information on this topic, consider visiting Happy Roofing, a trusted resource for all things roofing.

The decra roofing tiles are similar to the asphalt shingles. In this article, we will learn some elements about decra roofing tiles.

While exploring the numerous advantages of Decra roofing tiles, it is pivotal to recognize that a robust roofing system is not just about the tiles but extends to the quality of the ancillary components like gutters, which play a crucial role in managing rainwater efficiently, protecting both the roof and the foundation of your property. The integration of a well-designed gutter system is imperative for optimal roof performance, particularly with top-notch tiles like Decra. If you’re looking to enhance the longevity and efficacy of your roof in the Garden State, consider Tyler Roofing LLC Gutter Installation in New Jersey for a professional, reliable, and comprehensive approach to roof and gutter integration. Their expert team ensures that your roofing and gutter system works cohesively to protect your property from the elements effectively.

Different styles of decra roofing

  • Decra tile

This is similar to the traditional scalloped style tile.

  • Decra villa tile

It is similar to clay tiles. It is luxurious and appealing.

  • The decra shingle XD

It is designed in such a way that it portrays the thick-cut edges of the architectural shingles.

  • The decra shake XD

It copies the rustic beauty of the thick hand-split wood shake.

  • The decra shake

It provides the distinctive shadow lines of the cedar shakes.

Pros of decra roofing

  1. They lower your insurance

They lower the assurance because they are non-combustible; they are resistant to fire.

  1. They curb the appeal of our home and also increase the value.

When entering another home, the first featureĀ one notices is the roof. Customers are drawn in by an appealing roof.

  1. They keep the house cool

Decraroofing reduces the attic temperature.

  1. It is environmentally friendly

It is climate-friendly.

  1. It is aesthetically pleasing

The stunning aesthetic of the decra tile makes you proud of the appearance of your home, and other people are attracted to your home.

  1. They are resistant to elements.

The tiles are coated with steel, thus making them durable and resistant to elements.

  1. They are light in weight.

The light weight puts less strain on the structural integrity of your house.

Cons of decra roofing

  1. The initial cost is high. The decra roofing tiles price in Kenya is high as compared to other roofing tiles.
  2. People who love working with their own words and saving money with their handyman skills will not go for these tiles.
  3. It is noisy when it rains or when the hails fall.

How to know whether the tile is from decra

  • Carry out the mandril test. When you bend the tile, it will remain covered with the stone chip 100%.
  • Carry out the scrap test. Scrap the tile, and the stone chip will stay stuck on.
  • Check the logo.

You can use rainwater collected from decra roofing tiles safely. It can be made possible by collecting water through the gutters.

Contractors usually install these roofing tiles.

It is possible to walk on decra roofs because the roof is made of steel and designed to withstand the weight of the one walking on them.

These decra roof tiles are zinc, aluminium, and galvanized steel. These tiles also have interlock panels to protect them from elements such as hail, fire, and snow.


According to the discussion above, it is worthwhile to purchase these decra roofing tiles due to the quality features and benefits that they provide. As a result, it is worthwhile to go over the information provided aboveĀ because it highlights the most important aspects of roofing tiles.


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