The word industry creates imagery of a non-stop operating machine. It, however, takes a lot to maintain and sustain this perfection hence the need to exercise caution and conduct intensive analysis to facilitate the same. It is why chain blocks have emerged as the most effective investment in the industry. This article will discuss chain blocks in detail and their effectiveness.

Chain blocks perform heavy tasks of lowering and lifting huge loads using chains. The chain block’s internal gear turns the chains around, lilting an object which is usually attached or hooked to the end. For this reason, little energy is required to lift heavy loads.

Differences between chain block and chain hoist

Both of these contribute to the industry’s success. The main difference comes in how to use the chain blocks. Chain blocks are pulled using hands and are used to lift the weight from the ground in a vertical direction, while chain hoists use a lever’s rotating motion to turn objects horizontally.

Chain blocks do not need electricity and are therefore suitable for use in remote areas and places with difficulties accessing power.

Uses of chain blocks

Chain blocks are used for repairing goods and installing machines and can also be efficient in little places like garages. They are essential in factories, power plants, and laboratories.

They are also suitable for carrying heavy loads. Due to their mode of operation, one chain block can be operated by a single person making work easier. They are versatile and hence essential for wide applications.

Factors to consider when choosing a chain block


It is one of the essential requirements in purchasing a chain block. Chain block price in Kenya ranges widely depending on workload and quality. Depending on the load weight, ensure to choose a chain block that is cheap and of high quality.


One of the key requirements before venturing into chain blocks is to know the industry’s capacity. The block capacity should range from 0.5 tonnes to 50 tonnes to enable it to pull huge loads. Your company’s needs determine the capacity requirements first, and then select a chain block based on the weight of the heaviest load you need to lift.

Suitable mounting

A trolley mounted, or fixed-mounted chain blocks exist. Depending on your application requirements, a proper choice of mounting is necessary. Trolley-mounted chain blocks are essential for lifting loads on girders, while fixed chain blocks are essential for loads that stay in a single position for longer. Consulting with an expert may be of added advantage as well.

Gear system

Quality chain blocks are made using a triple get system. It minimizes the risks associated with workplace hazards and requires a lot of effort.


Chain blocks are key equipment in any industry. They serve to lower the task heaviness and make work that could be tiresomely enjoyable. Different chain blocks are also available for additional weights. If you intend to start a factory, it would be wise to invest in one.


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