It is not for nothing that many football fans say that a strong goalkeeper is half of the team. This expression perfectly suits the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who left a significant mark in the history of world football. Your favourite betting site 1xBet offers to bet not only on football but also on the extremely popular sport in the country, namely cricket. Indeed, in Bangladesh there are no less famous athletes than Iker Casillas. Although, a star future for the goalkeeper was predetermined already at the stage of his game in the academy. After all, he trained not in an ordinary team, but in the great Real Madrid.

He attracted the attention of the main team at the age of 17, when he played his first match for the Royal club in 1998. As a result, after a few seasons he became the main goalkeeper of Real and didn’t give this status to competitors for many years. In total, he spent 17 years in this team, playing 725 matches and missing 751 goals. However, even after Casillas left Real, a lot of quality goalkeepers played in this position. Therefore, if 1xBet is your favourite betting site, you can be sure that the Meringues continue to be a reliable team when it comes to the goal defense.

Due to injury and subsequent surgery, the player was unable to regain his status as the main goalkeeper. As a result, the Madrid club agreed to transfer Casillas to the Portuguese Porto in 2015. There he managed to play five more seasons. Moreover, his performance was even better than during his period in Real. In 116 games of the Portuguese Championship, he missed only 73 goals. Of course, after the end of Iker’s career, many bettors from Bangladesh stopped following the Portuguese championship and preferred – bet cricket live. Which is quite expected if we consider the level of popularity of this sport. As for Iker Casillas, we must also note his phenomenal performance for the Spanish national team. 

For 16 years in the main team of the country, he had 167 matches and missed only 94 goals. In terms of the number of games played at the international level, Casillas is among the record holders. Would such a talented athlete be able to play cricket? And if he would, what coefficient 1xBet would give for live bets. Perhaps, he would be an even more popular person in Bangladesh.

What did Casillas win during his career?

In general, given the fact that the legendary goalkeeper gave his entire career to the Royal club, it is quite expected that he won many titles as well. On, you can place bets not only on a victory in one match but also on the triumph of a particular player, including goalkeepers. There are many of them even after the departure of Casillas from football. As a result, he managed to:

  • win the Spanish Championship 5 times and the Portuguese Championship twice;
  • win the Champions League 3 times with the Madrid club (1999/00, 2001/02, 2013/14);
  • win the European Championship twice (2008 and 2012) and the World cup once in 2010 with the Spanish national team.

Naturally, any professional footballer would envy such results. If you are interested in football as a sport, 1xBet offers the best betting options for it. 


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