Do you have fine or sparse hair? Do you spend hours in front of the mirror trying to add grace and volume to your hair? Still haven’t found a haircut that flatters you and allows you to hide your thin, straight hair? Or you are trying hair growth productsregularly and did not getting results. So don’t be afraid just move on with your thin hair. Stay happy with thin hair cut or hair styles.We understand you darling. Sparse hair is a real headache, but zero drama!

We have prepared tips for you to get the most out of your hair, with hairstyles and haircuts for thin and sparse hair. Shall we help you make your hair dazzle with its body and density and look like the hair of a real lioness?!

How Is Fine Hair?

The first thing you have to do is find out if your hair is really considered fine or not, to find the best solution for that poor and lifeless mane. Thus, we will talk about fine hair when it meets the following characteristics:

  • It is very thin: it is 2 mm smaller in diameter than normal hair.
  • It is delicate, brittle and, if you do not take care of it, it is easily damaged.
  • He has a tendency to split ends.
  • It dries very fast.
  • It has a predisposition to get tangled, frizzy and/or electrified.
  • Fine hair does not have to be synonymous with little quantity, although it is often found in manes with little hair.
  • It gets dirty faster.

I Have Little And Very Fine Hair, What Cut Suits Me?

People with little and fine hair know perfectly well the importance of the haircut when it comes to disguising the scarcity or fineness. A good hairstyle can do wonders for this type of hair, texturing the hair and making it look thicker and more voluminous, as we tell you in the post with infallible tricks to give hair volume.

Now we will tell you which haircuts are the most flattering for people with little hair, but first we want to tell you that you should avoid super long hair, as it will accentuate the lack of density and volume.

And what haircuts will be the best if you have little hair? Well, all those that don’t need to work too much and keep their shape after washing, in addition to giving them extra thickness and volume: A short bob, a medium length, a wavy chop, a short garçon… Let’s see them!

Go For Short Hair!

Without a doubt, short hair will be a very good option to give life and volume to your hairstyle. The pixie, for example, is a very versatile haircut, which you can adapt to the shape of your face and your own style: Super short, longer, with a toupee, with a side parting, with side bangs, with waves. that give it a disheveled air… all combinations are good when it comes to adding volume to fine hair or sparse hair. Here we give you several ideas of hairstyles for short hair so that, if you dare to cut your losses, you can be inspired.

Medium Length Haircuts For Fine Hair

One of the best haircuts for women with little hair is the one that allows you to play with a medium length hair, in all its versions: a micro bob (just below the cheekbones), the classic bob (with bangs or even without it, with straight lines and with XXL volume or also asymmetrical), the chop cut with light waves (it is an evolution of the bob, but fresher and more casual and at jaw height), a long bob or lob with slightly faded upper layers.

Give Prominence To Your Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs are also a trend and can be a great ally if what you are looking for is not to notice that your hair is thin and sparse. The bangs to one side, in a curtain effect, or marking a super pompadour, will give your hairstyle a sense of natural volume and density. In addition, the fringe breaks the monotony and softens the features. Bet on a fringe that matches your style and haircut and… show it off!

The best men’s hairstyle ideas and inspiration for your next haircut. Find out more about the male hairstyle guide here at the Bearded Colonel. We provide the best overall experience out there.

Long Live The Highlights And Fantasy Dyes

Dyeing your hair, either with highlights or with color baths, is a recurring solution for thinning hair since, in addition to the visual effect produced by the color, the products that contain the dyes texture and add that much-desired thickness.

The highlights add depth to your hair and will allow you to give it a denser and more populated effect. A very common trick that stylists do is to mix 3 different shades to create a 3D effect that will give movement and a sense of volume. It doesn’t fail!

And if you dare, you can combine a haircut for short hair with fantasy dyes, a rising trend among celebs and influencers that will allow you to make a difference while showing off great hair.

Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Bet on hairstyles for thin hairthat can help you hide those four unattractive hairs, such as, for example, a good high bun (which will give you glamor and sophistication), a casual updo, a semi-updo with braids, a disheveled braid, a ponytail with a toupee or volume in the top…there are endless possibilities!

More Tips To Give Maximum Volume To Your Hair

In addition to choosing one of the haircuts for people with little hair that we have proposed, follow these tips so that your hair has body and appears more abundant:


Yes, Batiste dry shampoo textures your hair and can be a great ally in hairstyles for people with little or very fine hair. They are all a good option, but if there is one that stands out above all when it comes to getting extra volume, it is, without a doubt, our Batiste Heavenly Volume, a true 2-in-1 that instantly refreshes the hair and adds more body than any other dry shampoo.

How To Use Batiste Dry Shampoo To Have More Volume?

  • Shake the product well so that the mixture is perfect.
  • Apply to the roots, at a distance of 30 cm.
  • Massage with your fingers. Massage is key to giving thickness and density to your hair.
  • Finish giving your personal touch to your hairstyle.

Other Essentials For Thin Hair

When it comes to living with fine or sparse hair, in addition to your Batiste Heavenly Volume dry shampoo, you will need a kit of essentials:

  • Texturizers and spray styling products.
  • Hair dryer to apply to the roots and add volume to the hair during drying.
  • Iron or tongs to be able to make waves in your hairstyles.
  • Thermal hair protector if you use a dryer, iron or style often, since the heating effect is the enemy of healthy and well-groomed hair.

If you follow our advice and launch yourself with an ideal haircut for you, your hair will look beautiful and full-bodied. The little hair, depopulated or very fine will be your best kept secret. Nobody will notice!

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