We once marveled at the self-driving cars featured in sci-fi films and thought it was a distant future. But the future has come much earlier, and already today many automotive and IT companies are testing. Moreover, these technologies are being introduced not only in the richest countries of the West. Perhaps in a couple of decades, the phrase “driver’s license” will confuse people: why learn to drive a car if he himself is able to take you anywhere. When this happens, our world will change for the better and also will be created with similar scheduling software.

Self-driving cars, which are designed for autonomous driving, are equipped with cameras and sensors – LiDAR, which control the space around the car: they recognize objects on the road within a radius of several kilometers, are able to distinguish static objects from moving ones and predict their trajectory, “see” road markings, signs and traffic signals. Introducing self-driving cars is like starting a new small business. The drone understands its dimensions and is able to park itself, fit into a turn, and into the general traffic flow.

Drones should not be confused with models that have an autopilot mode: it is designed for the mandatory presence of a driver. Moreover, the technique keeps the driver awake. So, in Super Cruise cars from General Motors, cameras on the steering wheel control a person’s gaze. By the way, such employees are treated quite highly։  WordPress Developer Salary․ If he stops following the road, the system first notifies and then disables the autopilot mode. And Tesla with an autonomous mode will not work at all until the driver takes his place and takes up the “steering wheel”: the sensors built into the steering wheel and into the seat are exactly for this.

There are great prospects for drones in the field of cargo transportation and agriculture. Similar projects already exist in the USA, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, and other countries. Farmers can save not only on drivers, but also on their training: vehicles move along the same route, and the number of complex scenarios is hundreds of times less than on city roads. Delivery of goods, in particular, is already carried out by Waymo, thanks to the right digital marketing strategy. The American company TuSimple has released a network of trucks with the 4th level of unmanned vehicles. Autonomous systems are available from John Deere, the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery, which introduced an unmanned tractor to the public at the beginning of this year.

The most important advantage of self-driving cars is the reduction in the number of victims. Just imagine that in a year only the but in our country alone there will be 16.9 thousand fewer deaths, and hundreds of thousands of people will be saved in the world who could have gone to the next world ahead of schedule by chance or because of for someone who does not want to follow the rules of the road, has drunk or prefers an aggressive driving style.

When self-driving cars replace ordinary cars, any trip will turn into a kind of public transport trip, but only in a comfortable, secluded environment. You can have a bite to eat, read books about project management, watch a new movie series, chat and even sleep.

Events constantly occur on the road that can unsettle even a calm person, so many commit rash actions in an attempt to punish the offender. Sometimes this leads to a very deplorable result.

Self-driving cars will reduce the number of cars in cities. First of all, services will begin to actively develop, which will be something between a taxi and car-sharing. The user just needs to select a route in the application, and the unmanned vehicle will take him to the right place, after which he will immediately go to a new call without taking up space in the parking lot. They will actively use the task management tools.

Traffic jams not only exhaust the nerves but also heavily pollute the air. The accumulation of a huge number of cars in a small area is no better than a coal-fired power plant smoking the sky. Unmanned vehicles that have replaced ordinary cars, as we mentioned above, will allow unloading cities. Traffic will decrease, leading to improved air quality.

Final thoughts

Unmanned vehicles will make the urban environment comfortable for everyone. Any person who, for some reason, does not have the opportunity to drive, will be able to go anywhere.


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