Hurricane season is nothing to sneeze at in many parts of the world. Your vehicle is one of your most important assets and is vulnerable to the damaging effects of a hurricane. Preparation is key for getting through the storm and the aftermath, so be sure your Jeep Gladiator JT is ready.

Utilize a Bestop for the Weather

The exterior of your Jeep takes the brunt of the damage during a weather event, especially if it doesn’t live in a garage. Bestop manufactures covers and skins for Jeeps that are perfect as protective layering. You can even find covers that provide coverage for your top, windows and doors all at once. If you have a topless Jeep, you can also find softcover or hardcover tops to protect your interior from high-speed winds and rain.

Prepare for Floods

Height is everything when it comes to flooding. If you don’t have one already, consider installing a lift kit to add some extra inches. You can choose a body lift, a suspension lift or combine the two for the highest lift possible. This gives your chassis a higher ground clearance and protects your undercarriage from water damage.

A lift also gives you more space to go for bigger tires, which can add even more height. Specialized off-roading tires can be useful when the roads are full of mud and debris, mudding tires especially. Not to mention, big tires are not as easy to damage or pop. Don’t forget a side step so you can still climb in.

Get Ready to Tow

Your rig can haul even heavier loads with a raised center of gravity. So, the higher the lift the better. If you’ve also upgraded to bigger tires, the additional surface area will help with traction. Make sure that you’ve installed the appropriate hook-up attachments in the back. You can also add a winch kit in the front.

The ability to tow and the added traction of quality Jeep wheels/tires will serve you well in the aftermath of a hurricane. You may have to pull your neighbors out of sticky situations or pull a tree out of the road. Maybe even rescue some furniture.

Don’t Forget the Long-Term

If you live in an area affected by hurricanes, you’ll know they aren’t just a one-time problem. You’ll need solutions that will last you through the years. One of the most insidious issues you may face is rust. All the flooding and rain will put your undercarriage at risk. Coat all exposed metal on your vehicle with a rust prevention sealant.

Don’t forget about the inside of your vehicle. Protective seat covers and rubber flooring inserts can go a long way if water does get into your car. You may be tracking mud and debris inside during the aftermath recovery, as well.

A Jeep is a trusty companion to have in adverse conditions. If you take proper measures you can ensure that your vehicle is safe from flooding and debris. Many modifications can help you in the aftermath, as well. Find a reliable dealer of Jeep parts to get started.


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