How to play chess Provided by Nhà Cái Hi88 will help you better understand the rules and moves. From there, increase your chances of winning with this highly attractive entertainment genre. Let’s learn more about the rules below. From there, you can easily make the right choices and moves with optimal efficiency.

Introduction to chess

Chess is a traditional entertainment that has existed for a long time. This type of flag demonstrates the careful calculation and smart moves of the participants. The Chinese chess pieces are divided into dark blue and red colors, with special Chinese characters on the surface. Accordingly, you control your flag in a certain direction. The purpose is to surround and capture all the opponent’s pieces on the chessboard. Specifically, the chess pieces include:

  • General: There is 1 piece, move one square at a time, horizontally or vertically. The rule is to always stay in the 3×3 sector and not go out.
  • Si: There are 2 pieces, they move diagonally 1 square each and always lie in the 3×3 arc like generals.
  • Bishop: Possessing 2 pieces, you move 2 horizontal squares diagonally, 2 vertical squares for each move. Only allowed to stay on one side of the board and not move to the opponent’s half of the board.
  • Rook: There are 2 chess pieces, moving horizontally or vertically is fine, as long as there are no other pieces on the chessboard blocking the way from the starting point to the ending point.
  • Knight: Has 2 pieces and moves in 2 horizontal squares, 1 vertical square for each move.
  • Cannon: Possesses 2 pieces, moves horizontally or vertically like a rook piece, and if you want to capture the French piece, you must jump over exactly one piece that is blocking the way.
  • Pawn: Consists of 5 pawns, can only move straight forward on each move.

Learn how to play simple Chinese chess for beginners

Players need to pay attention How to play chess at Hi88 to have an effective entertainment process. In general, there are 3 important elements of the rules including chess board regulations, moves and rules for determining wins and losses. Specifically:

Chess board regulations

The chess board is a rectangle with 9 vertical lines and 10 horizontal lines intersecting to create 90 points. An equal space separating the two sides is called a river in the middle of the chessboard. At that time, each side owns a square sign formed by 4 empty cells. In particular, there are 2 diagonal lines passing at the end of the row.

The chess pieces used include 32 pieces divided into 7 types. Each player’s side will have 16 pieces using the symbols of Chinese characters: general, soldier, rook, artillery, bishop, knight and pawn. According to regulations How to play chess , whoever owns the red piece will go first.

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Rules for moving pieces according to how to play Chinese chess

The pieces in the game are arranged at intersections with each other. The participant makes the first move on the red side, then on the dark blue side. Alternate like this until the end of the game. What you need to pay attention to when moving pieces is that each player’s move can only move one piece. At the same time, chess pieces can only move in the specifically prescribed direction and path.

How to play Chinese chess according to the rule of capturing pieces

When a piece reaches an intersection where an opponent’s piece is already standing, it can capture that piece and continue to stand in position. Absolutely do not apply the capture method to your side’s pieces.

Players are allowed to allow their opponents to capture their pieces or actively donate pieces to the opponent, however, except for generals. According to How to play chess At Hi88, captured pieces, whether active or passive, are removed from the chessboard.

How to play checkmate

The player’s piece moves a move to threaten or execute a strategy. The condition is that the next move of that piece or another piece captures the opponent’s general. Satisfying this condition is called checkmate, used for all four directions and the back. If the checkmate cannot make any counter moves, it loses.

Determining wins and losses

To be able to know which player wins, loses or draws, Chinese chess relies on its own rules. According to How to play chess , to distinguish these things will depend on important factors including:

  • Win: The player checks the champion without the opponent defending. The opponent does not make enough moves within the prescribed time. The opposing player violates the chess rules or automatically withdraws.
  • Draw: Both sides do not break the rules, but both sides do not change their moves. Both sides violate the same prohibition. Both sides are in a checkmate position at the same time.

Information about How to play chess has been shared for you and Hi88 to participate in entertainment. It can be seen that this game does not have strict rules requirements. However, players must remember and follow the moves of each chess piece. Hope you can apply and perform entertainment with optimal efficiency.


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