If your body type is a rectangle, the best wholesale activewear to choose is one that gives the illusion of curves. Choose activewear with focus on your lower half. Try basic colors that draw the eye down to your waist, or choose activewear with bright colors that accentuate your hips. Avoid horizontal lines, as they can make you look shorter. Wide necks and scooped shoulders can balance your shape.


While you can wear an all-in-one garment without a problem, you might need to learn how to layer in activewear. By wearing complementary layers, you can adapt your activewear to different conditions and intensities. Layering also prevents you from overheating and overcooling. Below are some tips for layering in activewear. To make sure that you stay comfortable all day, choose the right base layer for the weather conditions.

When you’re working out, you may find that it takes some time to work up a sweat and raise your heart rate. When this happens, it’s harder to maintain a fat-burning BPM. The layering effect comes into play when you wear a base layer of leggings or a fitted tee. In these cases, a zip-up jacket, Kanye West Hoodie, or long-sleeve shirt will be the next layer. Some people also layer shorts on top of their leggings. Layering can also be enhanced by a hat.

Mesh tops

Mesh tops have come a long way since they were only worn by your high school basketball team. Now, designers like Alexander Wang have integrated perforated fabric into ready-to-wear pieces, bringing this popular fabric far beyond its roots in the gym and a sweaty yoga class. Read on for some style tips on how to rock your new mesh top! Here are some examples. A: Wear one over another. Layer it to create dimension and a conservative look. Kasha McLeod suggests pairing it with a skirt, dress, or pantsuit to give the illusion of a one-piece piece. This is a great way to show off your individual style!

A functional mesh top with an open back makes a great crossover piece for your workout. This mesh top keeps your arms free for mobility and is breathable. The open back hoodie style is a great choice for this type of top, as it gives the wearer a sleek, stylish look while providing plenty of ventilation. This top also has front pockets and a sexy hood to add some flare to your workout.


Choosing the right activewear can make a big difference in how confident you feel. Choose functional, supportive clothing that allows your body to move and breathe naturally. Look for styles that don’t interfere with your mobility, such as spandex and polyester. A key piece for your activewear wardrobe is a great sports bra, which is an essential accessory. Wearing the right athletic clothing will make you feel good and motivate you to exercise.


Active separates can become a central part of your work wardrobe if they fit you comfortably. If you have a smaller frame, opt for tops with thin straps or knots, high-wasted leggings, and a pair of sneakers. Choose neutral footwear so you don’t appear ill-suited for the activity. Adding stripes to your leggings or tops can make them more appropriate for the street.


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