Slip and fall injuries are often devastating. They can result in broken bones, head and spine injuries, and significant time off work. Accidents can happen, but there may have been precipitating negligence or lack of safety on behalf of the property owner that could entitle you to damages.

In order to determine negligence and prove your slip and fall case, an attorney can launch a thorough investigation into whether the property owner knew of the hazardous conditions that caused your fall and then failed to improve those conditions.

Since proving these cases is complicated, hire a slip and fall attorney injury in Houston that can review your case, walk you through the process, and help you determine the best possible outcome.

Types of Conditions that Lead to Slip and Fall

If you’re thinking about pursuing a slip and fall case, you’re probably aware of some defect that you feel caused your fall. Commonly, slip and fall cases happen over uneven and slippery surfaces, tripping over obstructions like wires, and lack of safety features like lighting and handrails.

If your injury occurred under any circumstances where inadequate conditions caused you to fall, contact an injury slip and fall attorney in Houston to determine whether you have a case.

Don’t Settle with the Property Owner or Their Insurance Company

The chances are good that if you have a provable slip and fall case, the property owner or their insurance company will be even more desperate to settle quickly out of court and avoid civil litigation fees.

If you are contacted by the property owner or their insurance company, do not agree to any settlement until you’ve talked to an injury slip and fall attorney in Houston. If you settle, you may receive much less than the damages you’re entitled to.

Have an Injury Slip and Fall Attorney in Houston Review Your Case and Compensation

Your injury slip and fall attorney in Houston will launch an investigation into the possible negligence of the property owner to determine whether your case meets the criteria to go to court. Your lawyer will also continue through this process with you to determine damages.

Damages depend on a variety of factors, including your injuries, medical bills, time away from earning compensation, and pain and suffering. They can also depend on the specific circumstances of your accident. Only a qualified attorney can assess the damages that the property owner might rightfully owe you.

Start Your Case as Soon as Possible

The thought of a lawsuit while you’re trying to recover from a devastating fall can seem overwhelming, but you only have a two-year statute of limitations to file a case in Texas, and the property owner and their insurance company may not leave you alone in the meantime. Your best protection is to contact an injury slip and fall attorney in Houston right away.

By getting your own attorney, you gain someone to tell you what to expect, walk you through the process, investigate the property owner for you, and ultimately get you the compensation you deserve.


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