Anyone who has made up a bed knows that it can happen is to have the sheets ride up or come undone in the night. Waking up directly on top of a mattress or topper, or with a bundle of ill-fitted sheets rolled up underneath your body is not comfortable. The light airiness of bamboo sheets makes them unusually prone to displacement when sleeping. Here is a list of some standard ideas to put in place on how to keep bamboo sheets on a bed for the best long-range styling and durability.

Proper Fit

Many consumers feel that merely knowing if you have a king, queen, or double bed is enough when selecting sheets. This is not the case, and to ensure the best fit possible for your bamboo sheets, you should measure the dimensions of your specific mattress. Double-checking said aspects with all packaging is critical, as you will notice differences even in standard size descriptions.

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Sheet Suspenders

These look much like a pair of suspenders would. They have pinchers on each end and are elastic. You apply them on the underside of your sheets from one side to the other crossing the corners. These can require more massive beds, a partner to help get in the proper position.


Bands look exactly like they sound, like substantial rubber bands. They usually have knobs attached, and encircle the entire mattress before sheets being applied. Then once the sheets are put on top, the knob serves as an anchor to keep them in place. You will want to try these out to ensure the width works for you, and can’t be felt through the sheets.

Safety Pins

This one works just the way you would imagine, pin the sheets down. Pick up the mattress and pin to the underside, or if you are lazy, pin down the sides. Obviously, as will happen with all fabrics as you shift and move, these options may fray or cause concerns but are by far one of the oldest tricks in the books to deal with sheet movements.


If your bamboo sheets are for a child considering zipping might be a great option. Specific sheets are manufactured to be fully encasing and zipper around the mattress. With bamboo, this might be an excellent option for other scenarios also and eliminate the need for pins, bands, and other items to hold them in place.


There are many options you can find on the internet to do it yourself, sheetholders. From safety pins that hold elastic to other more creative options, you can find inventive and inexpensive alternatives to correctly organize your sheets in place. As these devices many times need replacement, or you need multiples for various rooms, being able to produce them yourselves is sometimes a great benefit.

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In regards to how to keep bamboo sheets on a bed, once you measure and purchase your ideal sheets, holding them in place shouldn’t be too difficult. If your sheets didn’t come with robust enough corners that tuck or hold by themselves, there are options to employ, whether a pair of sheet suspenders, bands, or the old safety pin trick you can find a method that will work for you.


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