A few days ago I was talking about the importance of increasing the conversion rate as a really effective method to achieve more sales: 5 ways to increase conversions. Today I will be more specific and I am going to show you 5 elements that, if used correctly, will automatically increase our ecommerce sales.

Within the website or online ecommerce store, we are going to focus on the specific pages of each of the products or services and on the elements that compose them, since most of the time it will be on these pages where the user will decide if he is going to buy. The product or is going to request the service. Later the user may decide not to make the purchase for other reasons, but without this first step, it will be impossible to make any sale.

1. Clear Detailed Prices And Options

The worst thing that can happen to an ecommerce online business is that its users feel lost or cannot access information easily. They will surely leave the page feeling somewhat confused and not wanting to return. Sometimes, getting to know what the final price of your purchase will be becomes an impossible mission. Other times, the problem is that there are no obvious differences between two services or products, and it is difficult to know why one is more expensive or cheaper than the other.

Focus on informing and highlighting the options, differences, advantages and prices available to the customer, so that it is very clear to him and he can choose having all the information he needs at his fingertips.

And for that purpose accounting software can give you help in boosting your business with many different ways, depending on its key features and goals. This ecommerce accounting software work to record all of your company or business assessment.

2. Clear Detailed Images And Videos

One of the drawbacks of online shopping is the impossibility of touching, smelling, or feeling the product in your own hands, as happens when we buy in a physical store. To make up for this disadvantage, we have the possibility of offering images and videos. But not just any image. Of course, the images must be in an acceptable resolution and must show the entire product, but what if the user wants to see the back of the product?

What if he wants to see inside? Or get as close as possible to see its finish… We must be prepared and show a good selection of images that provide maximum information about the product. There are online stores where you can see how a garment would fit you, or how certain products combine. Think about the needs of your customers and try to cover them.

3. Ecommerce Product Description

As with images and videos, the description is one of the few elements that the customer has at his disposal to obtain the information he needs about the product. It is essential that the description contains basic data such as measurements, weight, size, color, or other characteristics.

The descriptions must be extensive, without becoming illegible paragraphs, always highlighting the advantages with dots or bold and without failing to explain any of its particular characteristics and possible uses.

4. Use Cross-Selling And Recommended Products

When a customer has decided that he is going to buy on our website, the hardest part of the road has already been covered. One of the ways for a company to increase sales is for the same number of customers to buy a greater number of products.

Cross-selling or recommended sales consist of offering customers who are already buying other related or complementary products – sometimes at a discount – that may be useful to them. It is proven that the system works and that the number of products sold increases, so if you still do not use it, what are you waiting for? In a future article we will analyze in depth some of these strategies.

5. Create Your Online Store To Grab More Customers

There are various softwares where there is no coding needed and you can make your online store totally free of cost. Use Vyapar “billing app” to make your free online digital catalog and share it to as many customs with just one click. Today the trend is to do business online as well as offline. Therefore to stand out of the competition use e-commerce accounting software for more customer reach and retention.


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