Scott County has been among the fastest-growing counties in Minnesota. The county has experienced growth in the industrial, housing, and commercial sectors with an urban and rural mix. Unfortunately, like in many other counties, crime is not uncommon in Scott County.

According to Scott County statistics, your home is 300% more likely to be robbed if you don’t have a home security system and crime occurs on average every four hours. As a result, the county has its main detention facility, Scott County jail, where inmates are held for no longer than one year, according to Iowa law.

If you have a missing relative you didn’t find in local hospitals, consider looking for them in jails or with the police. You can use the Scott County inmate listing to find out if they have been arrested or incarcerated. Here’s how to get the listing.

1. Online Inmate Locator

Prisons have not been left behind in matters of technology and digital evolution. You can find out if your loved one has been arrested or imprisoned in almost every jurisdiction. So, you only need the person’s basic information like name, race, age, and sex. Once you key in these details into the online inmate locator system in Scott County, you will find the Scott County inmate listing of every person who matches the details you enter.

2. Visit Scott County Jail

The most common way to find the Scott County inmate listing is to visit the Scott County jail. The jail has made online records available. So, if they can’t provide you with the manual inmate listing, they should direct you on how to find the online records.

3. Use Victim Notification (VINE)

The Scott County inmate listing can also be made available through VINE. Victim notification is a service that allows crime victims to receive real-time information on the custody status of offenders. This service is available 24 hours a day and allows concerned citizens or victims to receive notifications through text, phone, or email. The service also provides access to Scott County inmate listing of offenders released or in custody for the last seven days. If you are interested in a specific inmate, you can follow the link to their VINE record to register for notification.

4. Sheriff’s Office

You can find the Scott County inmate listing from the sheriff’s office because sheriff’s departments run the county jails. The online inmate listing allows you to access inmates in custody within the last seven days. In addition, it allows you to search for a specific inmate by their last name or initial appearance.

5. Public Records Providers

Public records providers can provide accurate and comprehensive information from public record databases from different sources. So, if you want a background check or criminal records of someone, they can dig up such information for you. If all the above avenues of finding the Scott County inmate listing fails, you can try these service providers for anonymity and accuracy of the listing.


The Scott County inmate listing is not difficult to find. You can find this information online through the avenues discussed above. So, if you are a victim or are looking for a relative, access these records to give you peace of mind.

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