The internet is full of cleaning trends from gurus such as Marie Kondo on how to organize our closets and kitchens and, in general, keep our abodes nice and organized. However, we lack a level of digital literacy in this regard. We, nonetheless, spend so much time on our computers and phones that we would be well served by having them a bit more organized.

Here are some quick steps to take that can help keep you organized as you move around online.\

Be Selective About the Sites You Visit.

One of the first things you can do to declutter is to avoid cluttering in the first place. This means being selective about the sites you visit, so you do not fill your computer up with a huge history and cookies galore. Sometimes you can rely on experts if you want to make sure you are visiting the right type of site.

For example, check out this guide to the best and safest online casinos in India. They recommend the sites that will be the safest and protect your identity. On top of that, they will have great bonuses, banking methods, and a wide variety of games, such as poker and roulette. Relying on expert reviews like this can help you avoid unnecessary sites.

This is a great preventative method. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you can make sure the clutter never happens or is kept to a minimum, decluttering becomes that much easier!

Try devices that remove or limit distractions.

A big new craze for those seeking a little bit of peace among the digital noise is buying distraction-free devices. This is generally a device that has only one function. In other words, we love our computers and smartphones because they can do so much, but when we want to concentrate on only one task, this can actually be quite a handicap.

This is especially great for writers and academics. Typically, they imitate a typewriter of some sort. You can also download programs that will limit the number of buttons you can see and how accessible the rest of your computer is. This is sort of an automatic digital declutter for when you need to do a specific task. 

But actually, not all the steps towards digital decluttering take place on your computer and phone. Many of them will have to do with larger lifestyle changes, which will make it easier and more natural to declutter your digital sphere. 

Center Yourself

Our lives are full of moving pieces. It is impossible to move any one of them in a vacuum. While we have to start somewhere, we also must take care of other aspects of our lives if we want to declutter our digital lives.

You can start by checking out these steps to lead a more peaceful existence. These useful tips include enjoying the rain when it comes, finding time to write a book, and making sure to take care of your health. These tips, and others that you will find in the article, can contribute to the decluttering of your digital life as well.

But centering yourself in a healthy and Zen-like fashion is not the only thing that can assist your digital clean-up. There are other important aspects of this lifestyle change as well.

Declutter Your Physical Space.

One of these important aspects is decluttering your physical space. In general, this will be a concrete way to reflect in your material reality what a decluttered digital space will be. This reflection will help motivate the same actions in your digital life in a few key ways.

One is that you will see the benefits of a neat physical space and be motivated to apply this to your computer. You will notice increased levels of calm, efficiency, and happiness as your physical space and, therefore, your mental space is cleaned up!

Another way that this will make your digital space cleaner is that this is the lifestyle that will start to make sense to you! A cleaned-up and organized way of being will become natural. Therefore, whatever does not fit into that vision will stick out like a sore thumb, and you will seemingly automatically change it.


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