Organic sheets are game-changers when it comes to bedding material. Healthy sleep helps you live a healthier and happier life. Beddings are made of different types of materials, which could be synthetic or organic.  Good bedding can help you sleep better.  However, people pay less attention to their beddings. This article aims to discuss features to consider when choosing 100 bamboo sheets and a white noise machine.

What is a 100 Bamboo Sheet?

100 bamboo sheets are wholly made from bamboo. This sheet is purely organic and features no synthetic or toxic chemicals. Sheets having a blend of bamboo are very common. However, the ideal options are sheets that are 100 percent bamboo. This type of sheet is manufactured without using any toxic processes.

100% bamboo sheet is made from sustainable bamboo plants. Naturally, bamboo sheets feature some antibacterial properties. These sheets are silky and soft. However, they can get wrinkled easily.

What are the features to look out for when choosing 100 Bamboo sheets?

There are certain features you need to consider when choosing a bamboo sheet. These features will guide you in choosing what meets your requirement.


Bamboo sheets are available in various sizes. There are bamboo sheets for king and queen-sized beds. Therefore, you should consider the size of your bed before choosing 100 bamboo sheets. It is important you get a sheet that fits your bed properly.

Thread count

This is very important when choosing bamboo sheets. Bed sheets with a higher thread count are known to be very soft.  Normally, 100 bamboo sheets feature a higher thread count which makes them silky and soft.


Your budget will determine if you can buy 100 bamboo sheets. Although the prices of these sheets vary, it is important to consider the price.

What is a white noise machine?

This is a device that generates a calming noise to the listener. The sound this device generates is similar to that of a rushing waterfall. A white noise machine helps to create a relaxing sleeping environment. Therefore, it promotes sound and healthy sleep. Also, this device offers natural and ambient sounds like crashing waves, rainfall, and more. White noise machine features frequencies at equal intensity. This allows it to mask sounds. It is ideal for people who battle with sleeping disorders such as insomnia.

How to choose a white noise machine

When choosing a white noise machine, it is crucial you consider some factors. These factors help you choose what suits your needs.

Quality of sound

This is very important when choosing a white noise machine. You should consider the wide range of masking sounds the machine offers. Also, consider the acoustic quality of the sound.


A white noise machine is available at different prices. This is because there are several brands of a white noise machine.

Additional features

Some white noise machines come with additional features. This is a plus to your machine. Some machines will allow you to stream noise via a free app. Also, some machines feature real-world sounds like waves .

Ease of use

This is very important. Choose a machine that is very easy to handle. The control buttons should be user-friendly.


The use of 100 bamboo sheets and a white noise machine can help to enhance the quality of your sleep. This sheet and machine are ideal for people who have difficulty sleeping.


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