The Indian Cricket League 2022 is an event that will impress fans of this sport and betters. If you do not miss cricket competitions, you can not only watch exciting competitions on the playing field but also earn money on your favorite sport. To do this, just go to the official Parimatch website, where you will find the most favorable conditions for pre-match and live to bet.

What bets on cricket does BC Parimatch offer?

The main advantage of betting on matches at IPL 2022 is that cricket is a special sport that is not very popular among domestic bettors, so the odds for betting on it are quite high. Anyone who understands the rules, features of the game and decides to predict this sport on the Parimatch platform will be able to hit a big jackpot. The DC vs RR match promises to be quite exciting and spectacular. Site users can view the IPL schedule and place bets:

  • on the outcome – on the victory of one of the opponents or a draw;
  • for a handicap;
  • for totals – for run-outs or wides;
  • on the leader of the initial inning;
  • on game statistics.

In addition to the main betting options in the line, you can find many non-standard types of bets. Experienced forecasters know how to choose betting events that bring them good profits. To learn how to make money on cricket, it is important to take into account several important factors and be able to form your unique strategy.

Of particular value in cricket are bets during the game. Because matches can last for several days, many professionals prefer to predict this team sport live.

Successful cricket betting tactic

Cricket predictions must be well analyzed. Regardless of the format of the match, predictions for it can only be successful if several important factors are taken into account. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the results of the draw. Often the team that attacks first gets the advantage because they play first on a fresh pinch.

Cricket is a sport that is highly dependent on weather conditions. Natural factors can affect both the duration and the results of a match. An equally important factor is pitch coverage. Games can take place on a field with an earthen surface or on a lawn, the acceleration of the ball after hitting the pitch, the quality of the batsman’s work depend on this.

As in any other sport, team uniforms play an important role in cricket. Often the home team that won the first match of a big series beats the following opponents one after another.

Predicting live, many bettors pay attention to the ball change factor. After 80 overs, a new ball appears on the field, and both the attacker and the bowler who practices twist bowls gain an advantage.

Good awareness of all these factors gives the bettor a big advantage over the line and will bring big wins.


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