A short story on how you can copy the link to a profile. We figure out how to do it from your phone or computer. Think about what to do if it doesn’t work.

The most popular way is to ask a friend to send you the link to your profile. If it turns out he doesn’t know how to do this, here are the instructions:

  • A friend finds your Instagram account.
  • He looks at the top right corner and clicks on the 3 dots:
  • A menu appears where he or she should find the line “Copy Profile URL.”
  • The link leading to the page is successfully copied, which is indicated by the entry in the middle of the page.
  • Now you can send the link to Direct – “Paste from clipboard”.
  • The message is sent.
  • You have a link to your own profile.

For all these actions need only a couple of minutes and a free friend who is not difficult to do it. It is executed equally from the computer and from the mobile app. Your Instagram URL will certainly have more value if you have more followers on your account. You can easily buy Instagram followers cheap and give a little boost to your profile.

How to find a user without a link from any device

You can print out and give him a business card, for example.

Or manually rewrite the name from the header.

There will be the name you entered when filling out your profile. It is unique, there cannot be two users with the same name.

You can copy your own name if you go to the “Edit Profile” tab. This will not work with someone else’s account. But to find subscribers on Instagram, or the same likes and views, you can quickly at https://captainsmm.com. Other social networks are also available, such as TicToc, Telegram, and YouTube.

There, in the “Username” field, there will be a nickname that will make it easy for someone to find your page.

Copying the link to someone else’s account

You can simply open the desired profile from your phone, click on the three dots in the corner and copy it, and then use it. From the mobile app, of course. On a computer, there is no such method in the web version, unfortunately.

How to copy the link to the Instagram account in the mobile app if the page is private

Note that only a user who is subscribed to the author can follow such a link. If he is on the black list, the service will not open the page. An error message will appear.

If the user is not subscribed to the page and it is private, you won’t be able to open the link to the publication either. It will remain closed, the post will not be opened. You first need to subscribe to a profile and wait until the request is approved. Only then will you be able to copy the link to your account and view the posts of the person or group.

What happens if the person is in the Blacklist

If the page is in the user’s member state, you won’t be able to view its content. You won’t even be able to open the page – the service will display an error. Insta’s developers have tried to make the pages of unpleasant people completely disappear from the sight of angry users. Accordingly, the function to copy the link will not be on the page – you won’t be able to enter it.

Copying a link from your phone

As it turns out, it’s even easier to do this in a mobile app than from a computer. You just need to go to the page whose link you want, click the 3 dots and select the line to copy the URL. We already told you about it above. By the way, there is no such option in the web version.

If you go in through the browser on your mobile, without the app, you can copy the address in a few seconds. Right from the address bar. The method is the same as when using a computer.

The link will then go to the clipboard and stay there long enough. On some phones it will be stored until it is removed, on others it will clear itself after a few days or weeks. You can simply paste it into any message or write it in any text application.

Copying a link from the desktop

It remains to figure out how to copy the Instagram account link from your computer. There’s one easy way to copy it – just take whatever’s in the address field when you’re on your page. Live subscribers are inexpensive, so at Lowcostsmm – https://lowcostsmm.com you can buy 100, 500 or 1,000, or maybe a choice of likes and views, for example, for YouTube.

Point by point:

  • Go to your profile
  • copy the address line
  • paste it into your message or wherever you want.

There’s another non-obvious way to copy the link. Take a link to your Instagram homepage and add the name of your profile after the slash.

For example, if the page name is drakaina_astrea, then you need to put this name after the slash. It should look like this:

instagram.com/drakaina_astrea. You can build such a link and check if it works. To do this, paste it into the search bar and press enter.

Instead of a conclusion

We have cited all known ways how you can copy a link to Instagram from your phone or computer, by yourself or with the help of a caring companion who has a couple of free minutes. If you know any other way – tell us.

How to copy the link to someone else’s Instagram page Unlike your own account, it is not difficult to copy the link to a foreign page, you just need to know where to find it. In order to copy the link to any Instagram page, just go to it and select “Copy profile URL” in the upper right corner. After that, a notification will appear at the bottom saying “User profile link copied to clipboard”. Next, you can paste it wherever you want or even send it in a message.

If you need the link to the user’s profile to send it in a message through Direct, you can simply use the menu item “Send profile as message”. Next, all that remains is to select the recipient.

Instagram does not want to share traffic for free. That’s why it has introduced restrictions and is not going to cancel. Before you copy and share your Instagram URL you’ll want to make your profile look more popular by getting more IG likes and followers for only $1.25 for 100 likes and $2 for followers.

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