Do you want to avoid dealing with mediators and their commissions when buying or selling a property? Well, say hello to direct websites! With the rise of technology, traditional agent models are being disrupted by online platforms that allow buyers and sellers to communicate directly.เว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ คืนค่าคอมมิชชั่น. The post will explore how these direct websites are changing the game in real estate and what it means for buyers and sellers. So buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride through the world of disruptive innovation in real estate!

In other words, what exactly is a direct website?

A “direct” website does not use an intermediary of any kind. This eliminates the need for any middlemen between the site’s owner (“Site”) and its clients (“Users”). There are a lot of benefits to using a direct website rather than a website that uses an intermediary.

Compared to indirect methods, going straight to a website has several benefits. The site’s simplicity and user-friendliness result from the proprietor handling all sales. Put another way, and this streamlines the shopping and searching procedures for the customer’s benefit.

Transparency is another benefit of direct websites. Due to the site owner’s hands-on approach to selling, customers can always expect up-front pricing and estimated delivery dates. Consumers can then decide whether or not to purchase through the direct website.

There is a correlation between the cost savings and convenience of using a direct website vs. an agent-based one. In this case, the site owner saves money by not paying an intermediary a fee for purchases made through their site. Instead, they make money when users spend less on their services than with an agent-based platform.

People increasingly prefer dealing with businesses directly rather than going via a third party when making purchases online.

How Direct Websites Disrupt Traditional Agent Models

Direct websites are challenging indirect agent models. Several sites let people look for work and submit bids without an intermediary. Because of this, fewer people are now working as agents because clients may search for jobs independently.

This change needs to be revised for the agent model. Sales commissions for agents will suffer due to falling demand for their services. There is an increased possibility of fraud and unjust treatment without agents mediating disputes between customers and employers. Direct websites have been accused of evading taxes and benefits by misclassifying employees as independent contractors.

Advantages of Having a Direct Website

Direct websites challenge agent models’ status quo since they provide easier product discovery and purchasing. Instead of going via a middleman, customers may research available products, compare pricing, and make a purchase directly. The result is a more simplified shopping experience that saves customers time and money.

Direct websites also provide an additional advantage in allowing firms to reach a larger audience than they might with the help of an agency. Companies may reach more potential customers when they cut out the middlemen and sell directly to them online. There is a correlation between this boost in visibility and higher sales and brand recognition.

Businesses may save a lot of money on marketing thanks to direct websites. Companies may save money on their marketing campaigns by cutting out the intermediary. Any money saved may now be used towards advertising campaigns with the highest potential for boosting sales.

The way consumers purchase goods and services is profoundly shifting because of direct websites. Consumers and companies alike may benefit from their increased efficiency, and businesses can use new promotional possibilities to boost sales.


The direct website does not go through agents commission refund. Direct websites stand a better chance of disrupting the status quo than they had a decade ago because of the internet’s proliferation. Customers can save time and money by avoiding mediators by contacting the business or individual directly through a simple website. 

Because of this, companies can function more cheaply and provide better service to their customers without having to pay an intermediary. Small firms and startups, who rely heavily on agent networks to succeed, stand to gain the most from this strategy. 

These people can save time and money by going straight to their audiences online. As a whole, direct websites provide customers with numerous benefits that aren’t available through agent-based sales methods; hence, it’s safe to assume that the popularity of such sites will continue to rise in the coming years.


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