Everyone loves an island honeymoon and when it comes to that, one of the first names that come to mind, and more so for someone in India, is the Andamans.

An island rich in museums and many attractions, beaches and exciting activities, this is one spot that gives you a complete package for a romantic, exciting, fun-filled and memorable honeymoon.

But we need to know the right way to do it. That said, arriving at an airport in Port Blair and then deciding what you want to do and where you want to go is a mistake when you plan a trip to the Andamans. Plan in a perfect way so that you can get the best of the Andaman experience. A step by step guide can help you in planning your trip.

So, excited about your seven day trip here as a new couple? Here’s how to keep the excitement going. Read on for an idea of how you can go about your honeymoon trip to Andaman and the things that you need to do. Below is a recommended honeymoon package to Andaman Islands. Go through the itinerary of customise in you own way with the help of an expert.

Day 1 In Port Blair

One of the best ways to begin any Andaman tour, even a honeymoon, is by a visit to the cellular jail, one of the major attractions of Port Bair.

Here you can get some good history lessons on India’s freedom struggle before you explore the rest of the Andamans.

You can then spend the rest of the day shopping, picking souvenirs and various other interesting items that one would find in the city before you return to the cellular jail again for the light and sound show that happens in the evening.

And that is your time in Port Blair and the first day of your Andaman honeymoon.

Day 2 Again In Port Blair and visit local beaches and shopping joints

Fed up of Port Blair already? We hope not, for there are lots for a couple to do together in Port Blair as this is home to some of the most exciting activities one can find on the island.

So, before you hop onto the quiet and sandy beaches of the other islands, begin with something exciting to make memories of your honeymoon, exploring a couple of museums that Port Blair is home to.

Spend some quality time together exploring to take some lovely stories back home. Port Blair is home to some beautiful beaches too, of which one that you cannot miss is the Corbyn Cove beach.

So don’t forget to spend some time here before you leave for the other places to see on your honeymoon

Day 3 In Havelock Island and visit the best blue flag certified beach

Now, here’s the part that you were waiting for all along. Beaches and beaches. Welcome to Havelock island.

Once done with a day of many activities in Port Blair you can come here to spend some romantic and quiet time together.

Don’t forget the famous Radhanagar beach that Havelock island is so famous for. One of the top 10 beaches over the world, this is one beach that you wouldn’t want to miss when you come to the Andaman on your honeymoon.

Day 4 In Havelock Island and indulge in water activities

Now that you had some quiet and romantic time on the island, it’s time to get up once again and have all the fun you can, for Havelock island is home to a variety of exciting activities that you as a couple can enjoy together.

Of these, what you just cannot miss is the water sport, for Havelock is abundant with these.

Spend some time at the Elephant beach. here you can find some of the most exciting activities to make your honeymoon fun and memorable on the island. The marine life is rich and one can have a good time snorkeling before you leave for your next stop.  Havelock Island is a must to all honeymoon couples and for all our honeymoon packages to Andaman we recommend couples to not miss this island. You have everything here that makes your honeymoon a memorable one.

Day 5 At the Neil Island

You can never get enough of beaches and islands when you come to the Andamans and so when your done with the fun and romance of the Havelock island, come to the Neil island, for there are things that you wouldn’t want to miss here either, beginning with the ferry ride from the Havelock island.

Here too one can find some of the most beautiful white beaches to relax on, namely the Sitapur, Bharatpur and Laxmanpur beach.

Neil is also home to some of the most lush green forests that you would want to explore on your honeymoon. In other words, a day on Neil island gives you a good mix of some picture postcard scenery along with lots of greenery.

Day 6 At Baratang

Now this is another place that you cannot miss when you come to the Andamans, even as a couple on a honeymoon trip, for Baratang is home to some of the unique attractions that you will find only on this part of the island.

We are talking about the famous limestone caves that you must make a visit to. Located in the middle of the Andamans, the area is well protected and so you don’t have to think twice about adding Baratang to your Andaman tour.

Day 6 Ross Island Port Blair Again

On your last day, you could probably make a visit to the Ross island for this is another spot that you would not want to miss when you come to the Andamans, with its quiet white beaches and turquoise waters to complete your honeymoon.

And before you leave the island, there is still something romantic waiting for you in Port Blair and that is the  flock of birds all there to welcome you at the Chidiya Tapu.

Now what better way can you have to end your romantic honeymoon? Spend your last day on the island watching the birds together as you relax after your fun-filled island honeymoon.

Now, Come To the Andamans

And that is how your seven days in the Andamans can go. Now that you have a fair idea of what you have to do each day, we hope you are more confident and a lot more excited about your honeymoon trip.

If so, you can now go ahead and book your ticket to the Andamans, and get your bags packed for there is an exciting honeymoon that is waiting for you.


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