The Best Places to Stay in Tasmania

Style and comfort merge seamlessly in the top hotels. Macq 01 offers a variety of rooms that offers comfort, style, luxury, and incredible views. With a full range of services and amenities, the best hotels are those that you can stay in all day and still feel like you have the full vacation experience. Contact to Book.

The best places to stay in Tasmania offer a variety of amenities that are suited to any type of vacation. There are campgrounds and areas for those who want to sleep under the stars or in a tent, bed, and breakfasts that offer a comfortable stay in a home with breakfast the next day, a cabin or motel for a relaxing vacation, or a luxury hotel or resort for five-star accommodations.

Macq 10 offers luxury rooms that are suited to everyone. With double occupancy, balconies for some, and water views from many of the rooms, they are clean, spacious, and comfortable. It is accessible for everyone and includes valet parking upon arrival.

Cradle Mountain Highlanders Cottages in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Each one is designed to be slightly different and welcoming in its own way. With 16 cabins, it offers space for large groups or short getaways. Minutes from the national park, it is idyllic and quiet, with space for all your outdoor adventures.

Richmond welcomes visitors with Prospect House Private Hotel, which is available for those who are on a child-free vacation. It has a restaurant on the property, free parking and WiFi, and each room has a TV, bathroom, and a patio. The views are unobstructed and the breakfast included is sure to start each day the right way.

Explore a Beautiful City

Hobart is one of the biggest cities in Australia and offers beautiful views of both sea and mountain, and the maritime climate makes it great to visit almost year-round. The city itself lies on the waterfront and thrives as a shipping port and as a tourist area. With the first casino opening in 1973, tourism boomed, and it has remained popular since.

Arts and culture are a huge focus of the area, as they celebrate the past and share the stories that built the city. Art galleries and museums share the stories of the past and the hope for the future in their displays. Caf├ęs, restaurants, bars, and an active nightlife offer places to enjoy the city through food, shopping, and concerts.

Surrounded by national parks and tourist locations, Hobart is a beautiful city to visit any time of year. There is an activity or experience for every taste, and local hiking or biking trails are available, along with kayaks for going down the river. There are activities for anyone who loves the outdoors, shopping and other venues for anyone wanting to learn about the history and the culture. No matter what type of vacation you plan, Hobart is a beautiful place to visit.


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