It is a fact that not all electricians are the same, not just in training, skill and experience, but also in the areas they focus in. Their background, knowledge, personality and specialty are all things to consider when you are looking for the right electrician near me. For some, the need for an electrician just means you need to open up your local phone book and choose a name. But that kind of lack of preparation and homework is why sometimes you official statement end up with the wrong person, people who are not really electricians, and work that is shoddy and unsafe. Looking for the best person equipped to handle the work you have is easier with the internet and ensures whether you have a simple job or something more complex they can handle it.

In the quest to hire the right electrician, it’s pivotal to consider the spectrum of services they offer and their adeptness in modern lighting solutions. Embracing technologies like LED, for instance, not only spells efficiency but also contributes to a sustainable future. Opting for professional LED lighting services ensures that your space is illuminated optimally, blending aesthetic appeal with energy conservation. Experts in this domain skillfully balance design and functionality, presenting solutions that enhance the ambiance while keeping energy costs in check.

Different types of electricians

So that you find a person competent in the area you need them and who understands your needs and can communicate effectively about their work it helps to know what types of electricians are out there.

  • Construction electricians – This is a specialist group of electricians who work specifically on construction sites with builders and developers mostly on housing estates.
  • Maintenance electricians – When you need an electrician Sutherland Shire to work in manufacturing plants and in factories, these are maintenance electricians. Amongst the many roles they play, they help maintain the large equipment, as well as remove old equipment and hook up replacements.
  • Household electricians – The most common electrician people think of when looking for an electrician near me is the household or residential electrician. These are the more prominent group, you can search online, look in a phone book, find them advertising in local papers and so on. They are the ones who handle installations in your home, repairs, re-wiring jobs and more.
  • Electrical engineers – An electrical engineer is different from your everyday electrician. They are more involved in the planning and design of electrical installations and work with engineers on very complex electrical services projects.
  • Car electricians – As the name indicates these are electricians that focus on vehicle or car electronic systems, repairs, maintenance and replacement.
  • Mining electricians – There are a lot of mining facilities in Australia and on site there is a need for electricians to help with things like repairing and maintaining the large equipment they use, installing underground lighting and cabling and other mining power concerns.
  • Installation electricians – When there is a need for commercial and industrial installation work then those who focus or specialise in this kind of installation work are needed. This often requires a certain level of physical fitness as they may need to crawl around in smaller spaces and keep unusual hours.


When looking for an electrician Sutherland Shire make sure you know what type you are looking for. You can then look at their website to get an idea of where their experience and focus lay and what services they offer.

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