Postpaid offers are really the best because they do not let you get held back due to daily data limit. In Postpaid plans, subscribers receive a bill on monthly basis after they have used the benefits of the plan.

Many Postpaid plans, have a lot of advantages that are sure to enhance your network experience like never before. For starters, Airtel will give your family a single bill and a single plan that’ll enable you to save approximately 25% per month. Also, you can do Airtel postpaid bill check by dialing *121# from your Airtel postpaid number. Other benefits include truly unlimited calls, huge data caps with a rollover of unused data, subscription to leading video streaming apps, and a lot more. With these complimentary subscriptions, you can enjoy watching free movies and shows across various genres from the comfort of your homes. Additionally, with high internet speed offered by these plans, be rest assured of a great streaming experience with no interruptions!

These affordable 4G prepaid plans start out at just Rs 399 a month and are packed with offers to improve your streaming as well as calling experience.

It needs a mention here that once a user has booked a postpaid sim, it will be delivered to their doorstep for free and in a contactless manner. This not only saves you the trouble of visiting a nearby Airtel store to avail a sim, but also ensures safety and social distancing amid Covid-19 times.

Why should I port to Airtel operator for postpaid plans?

Airtel’s postpaid plans come with so many offers that you must switch to it right away. Take a look at some of the offers below:

  • Activation of your Airtel Postpaid SIM card at zero additional cost – With there being no additional cost for activation, you will not have to spend a lot for enjoying the benefits of Airtel’s postpaid plans
  • Free doorstep delivery of your SIM
  • Platinum benefits & SIM at a low price of Rs. 499
  • Live TV & movies will be free
  • Savings of up to 25% on family mobile spends
  • Enjoy more free packs with an uninterrupted service
  • Carry forward your unused data with Airtel postpaid plans – The unused data can be used for educational, entertainment, as well as streaming purposes

The single bill plan is a fantastic option for households who want to regulate their monthly mobile expenses. You can also unlock Airtel Rewards based on your plans including subscription to Amazon Prime, data rollover, Airtel Xstream App subscription, and free handset protection.

What are Airtel Thanks Rewards?

Airtel Thanks is an exclusive rewards program for valued Airtel customers which gives them access to a host of exclusive rewards, perks & privileges. These benefits are customized depending on the plan of the customer.

Now that we have seen the benefits and offers, let us take a look at the plans below:

  • Rs 399 Monthly Rental – Unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day, and 40 GB per month
  • Rs 499 Monthly Rental – Unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day, and 75 GB per month, subscription to Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar
  • Rs 999 Monthly Rental – Unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day, and 100 GB per month, subscription to Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar
  • Rs 1199 Monthly Rental – Unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day, and 150 GB per month, subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar
  • Rs 1599 Monthly Rental – Unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day, and 250 GB per month, subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar

As mentioned previously, apart from other benefits, these plans will also give you complimentary subscription to various OTT platforms that host a plethora of content ranging across a variety of genres such as action, adventure, drama, romance, comedy, thriller, horror, and more. On Disney+ Hotstar, you can watch all the Marvel and Star Wars movies. You can also catch live sports tournaments and watch old Disney shows such as Hanah Montanta, etc. on the platform. On Netflix, you shall find the best movies and shows of all time such as Friends, Squid Games, Big Bang Theory, and Money Heist. Amazon Prime Video too has very popular movies such as the Harry Potter Series among others. You can enjoy all of this on your mobile phones and from the comfort of your homes with these plans.

If you are not an Airtel user, but wish to avail the benefits of these plans, here’s what you can do:

  • Visit Airtel by going to the MNP page
  • Choose a plan that best meets your needs and click on “buy now”, then enter details for scheduling your KYC pick up as well as sim delivery.
  • After this, you need to generate your UPC or porting code by means of sending “PORT to 1900” in SMS form and you will receive the code by SMS from the number 1901. The code shall be valid only for 4 days.
  • For sim delivery and pick up, an executive from Airtel will arrive at your location on the time slot selected.
  • It is advisable to keep documents such as POI and POA ready.
  • You must share the unique port-in code and valid proof documents with our Airtel executive.
  • It should take them nearly 48 hours (for same state) & 4 days (for inter-state) to make the switch to Airtel from your existing operator

If you are an Airtel prepaid user, here’s what you can do to switch to postpaid:

  • Go to the Airtel website
  • Click on the Prepaid dropdown and then click on the “Switch prepaid to postpaid page”
  • Once you choose the plan that you would like to opt for, fill up all your details on the form
  • Post verification, your plan will automatically be converted to Airtel postpaid in 1-2 business days

Trust that switching to Airtel and availing postpaid plans is the best decision you can make to enhance your digital life and take it to a greater level. Avail one of these plans today.


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