What comes into your mind when you first think of scientific glass bongs? Is it the ones you think that scientists use in a laboratory involving liquid experiments? Yes, they are the same, but in this case, it is more than that.

For a more advanced smoking experience, you need to understand scientific precision in producing the cleanest and smoothest hit.

In this article, you will get to know more about scientific glass bongs and how you can use them at your convenience.

What are scientific glass bongs?

For newbies, scientific glass bongs are not something they are familiar with. But for a long-term investment to build your rig, these glasses are one of the solutions.

As seen in its name, scientific bongs are the high-quality glass you often see at laboratories for scientific experiments. It is made from clear glass and serves as an essential tool to use for various applications.

It may sound expensive, but it is one of the more affordable glasses you can buy.

Characteristics of scientific glass bongs

The two most characteristics a scientific glass bong offers are its durability and resistance to heat. Among other kinds of bongs, only the scientific glass bong can withstand changes in temperature since it is made from high-quality materials.


The scientific glass bong’s solid shape is the strong factor why it is durable. So if you prefer structural stability and longevity, this is an ideal choice. It is made of borosilicate glass and it can withstand physical shock and rapid heat fluctuations than any other glass alternatives.

Since the scientific glass bong takes pride in its durability, you can assure you will not be able to break it when you get a little high and drop your dabbing items accidentally.

Heat resistance

Aside from its durability, you can also see how scientific glass bongs can handle heat well. Many glass bongs cannot withstand rapid heat. In dabbing, glass often breaks because of the high temperature from the blowtorch, then experiences a lower one because of the ice cubes or water you may put inside. These temperature changes weaken the components of the glass making it more prone to breakage with continuous usage.

But because of the scientific glass bong’s strength and heat resistance, it can withstand sudden temperature changes. Because of this feature, you can save your budget from frequent buying of glasses you can use for your dab rig.

Different usages you can try for scientific glass bongs

To further utilize the functions of a scientific glass bong, you can use as many attachments as you want. These might include ash catchers, dab nails, and dropdowns.

Using an ash catcher can lessen the need to clean the dab rig often. Ash catchers are placed where you also put the bowl, but the bowl will be on the top. You can mostly find ash catchers with built-in percolators that give more filtration to the smoke.

If you have a dab nail, you can also try converting your glass bong to a dab rig. With this, you can use a concentrate with the same glass piece. All you need to do is to take off the bowl and place the dab nail in the right place.

Another attachment you can use with scientific glass bongs is dropdowns. It is a useful item if you have a bowl and a bong joint. It serves like an adapter you can use for a dab nail or bowl. Another use of dropdown is it keeps the lighter far from the piece.

How to use a scientific glass bong and get a smooth smoke

The scientific glass bong is a conventional technological process as it incorporates density and silicate engineering to smoking herb. Yes, to have a smooth smoking experience, science is involved as well.

But how does a scientific glass bong work so you can get a smooth smoke? As soon as you see bubbles of the smoke filter through the water, you will realize that the surface area of the bubbles is touching the water. This may lead to thinking that the bubbles are big which is why it reaches the water. But that is not the case.

To achieve the smoothest smoke based on scientific possibilities, having small bubbles is the answer. Now, to achieve those smaller bubbles, scientific glass bongs will use various intricate percolators that have openings and tubes. It will also direct the bubbles to flow through different obstacles then break them up. The result, the smoothest smoking experience you can guarantee.

Reasons why you should buy a scientific glass bong

Now that you know the importance of using scientific glass bongs for a better smoking experience, here is a summary of the reasons why you should invest in one.

1. It won’t break easily

Crafted with more durable components over average glasses, thanks to its borosilicate glass material, a scientific glass bong will not break easily from light taps and moderate falls. They also have sturdy bases that add up to their durability. Unless you intend to throw and break the glass, which is less likely to happen.

2. It can resist rapid heat

Since you need to heat dry herbs and the glass piece to produce the smoke, you should always opt for the one who can resist high temperature well. Frequent heat exposure can cause glass fracture. A scientific glass bong can survive sudden changes in temperature with its sturdy construction.

3. It has improved filtration

Scientific glass bongs have improved filtration all because of percolators, which are the main source of filtration for the smoke. Though small in size, these tiny pieces can remove harsh toxins for a more filtered smoking experience.

4. It features an aesthetic look

Aside from its essential use in the smoking process, the scientific glass bong also gives off an aesthetic appeal with a clear and transparent look.

5. It is free from toxins

Using a scientific glass piece when smoking is a lot safer. The components of the borosilicate glass do not have any harmful chemicals. Thus, you can guarantee a safe piece.

6. It can fit various accessories

The structure of the scientific glass bong is carefully created with other smoking accessories such as ash catchers and dropdowns to enhance your experience.

If you are looking to get one for yourself than you will want to check out an online head shop. Shops like this often has the best prices and biggest selection. That way you don’t have to pay the brick and mortar tax.


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