Huawei was expected to become the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer in 2019. Despite holding this position for a few months, Huawei only held it for a short time. It has consistently lost its share of the smartphone market since then.

 There is currently no Huawei smartphone option available to many consumers. Because Google Mobile Services are not supported, it cannot be used. The Google Play Store and many other essential apps are unavailable to users. 

Because of disagreements between the Chinese company and the United States, Google Mobile Services (GMS) from the American giant cannot be used on the latest smartphones manufactured by this brand. This ecosystem has hundreds of applications (including Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Disk and Maps), databases and other interconnected APIs.

Huawei smartphones have been available with various apps over the last three years. The average user will not like some of these options because they require rigorous procedures. Furthermore, other options are risky, leading to bricked phones. 

Nevertheless, Huawei phones can be accessed by the Play Store in a few straightforward ways. Thanks to these simple and recent options, some older options have been replaced with the most effective ones.


In the Huawei AppGallery, you can download the Gspace tool for free. Getting the app is as easy as clicking a few buttons. 

For gspace download huawei go to Huawei App Gallery and Easily download it . 

This feature is available on any Huawei smartphone. Google servers, the PlayStore, and applications recognize this device as an old Huawei smartphone. 

We must remember that Huawei’s ban only affects smartphones released after it was enacted. The Google Play Store is still accessible directly on older Huawei smartphones.

This app reports the Huawei P50 Pocket as Huawei Nova 4e when tested with the Huawei P50 Pocket. You can use this feature for free, but ads are associated with it. Ad-free versions are available for less than $20 if you don’t want ads.

In Gspace, Google applications run completely standard once you log in with your Google account. However, once you’re done with Gspace, things don’t seem so rosy anymore. 

Espace has applications that usually work and are connected to the Internet. Note, however, that notifications and automatic updates will not be updated. Once you have entered Gspace and gone to the Google Play Store, download the latest version.

Espace offers shortcuts to applications on the desktop of smartphones, which is one of its latest practical features. The list of applications in Gspace can be accessed without opening Gspace and searching for it. 

It can be easily inserted on a regular desktop by dragging its icon. You’ll have easier access to Gspace because you’ll see a smaller icon on the shortcut, and it will also launch in that space.


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