Online trivia games are the best activity for teams to have fun. These games help you build team bonds and give the spirit for friendly competition. Other than this, fun trivia games have various benefits that help sharpen the mind and prepare it to accept challenges. 

If you want to plan a fun trivia night at your home? This guide to fun trivia games helps you arrange a fantastic trivia night with friends. In this guide, we will discuss various types of trivia games and what kind of questions are usually asked in trivia game categories. 

Here is the list of best trivia games to play online in Singapore

Animal Trivia

If your group is an animal lover and holds good knowledge of wildlife animals, you can arrange the Animal Trivia night. You can play these games on your mobile phone whenever you want. 

Plus, even if you don’t know the answer, you learn more about your favorite animals. For playing Animal Trivia games, make sure to brush up your knowledge about the animals to take up the challenge. 

In Animal Trivia games, you may encounter with some questions that might be related to birds. So prepare yourself accordingly. 

Geography Trivia

In Geography Trivia, all the quizzes are based on geographical locations. For example “What is the name of the tallest mountain in the world”? If this wants makes you excited, plan a fun trivia night with some interesting geographical questions. 

To prepare for questions, you can read a general knowledge book or can google some most commonly asked geography trivia questions to win the game.

Movie Trivia

In movie trivia, all the questions of the quiz are based on movies. This is the most exciting game for movie lovers. Be it a holiday movie trivia game, a horror movie trivia game, a Christmas movie trivia game, or a movie quote trivia game, a quiz about movies always works when spending a night with friends and family. 

If you are a film buff, movie trivia is the best online game for you!

Music Trivia

Similar to other trivia games, the music trivia game is completely based on music. To win this game one must have good knowledge of old and new songs. While playing this game, you can play sweet music to add a little charm to your night. 

Even for the winning team, you can plan some exciting gifts. It encourages people to play games with full enthusiasm. 

Sports Trivia

Sports trivia is one of the best games for athletes. To improve their basic knowledge about the game, sports players usually love to play sports trivia. If you are a sports player, invite your team over to sports trivia night, bake some cookies, and cheer victory with some wine. This remote game is the most favorite game as people can play them on their cell phones whenever they want. 

Today when people are still afraid to meet personally after the pandemic, online fun trivia games are the best way to stay connected with your friends and family. 


Trivia games are the most popular games for all age groups. These games not only help in building a close bond with your loved ones but also improve your general knowledge of various subjects. If you want to play a trivia game online, you have various options to go with, however, it is suggested to choose the one with a quality quiz that can challenge your mind not the one with basic questions. 


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