Now that the summer is here and weather conditions are favourable, there is no shortage of amusement to keep us bustling. In the UK, 2022 is an excellent year for enjoying the summer season because according to weather forecasting, there is a glorious summer this year with an increased chance of heatwaves. Therefore, instead of staying at home, the sun shines so brightly is pushing us to go outdoors. If you are looking for ideas of free things to do over the summer in the UK, look no further! Here are ideas to help you enjoy plenty of fun in the summer without spending a penny.

Walk in the Most Famous Parks

When going for a walk in the parks was the only activity that we can do during the COVID-19 lockdowns, this simple hobby has always been the solution to elope the feeling of anxiety, discouragement, and stress. This popular outdoor practice is also an opportunity to socialise with friends or make new acquaintances. The good news is that the UK is classified as one of the places that have several amazing national parks. Actually, 15 national parks can be explored spreading across England, Wales, and Scotland. As a park is a great place to get fresh air, you can discover the most beautiful national parks that offer free admission. Some of the reputed parks include Hyde Park, North York Moors National Park, Cockington Country Park, St Jame’s Park, Broads National Park, and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Sit back and unwind at the incredible gardens of Hyde Park while your luggage stays put at luggage storage Paddington for a while.

Food Sampling in Camden Market

Camden town is well-reputed for the live music venues, crowded market, and mix of cuisines. A significant reason makes this market popular is that it attracts every category of people regardless of their interests. Known as one of the world’s most famous markets, this emblematic retail destination is an outstanding place to discover artisan creativity, one of the reasons to push people to visit the UK mainly London. You can, thus, visit this place if you want to taste foods without spending any money. In effect, in this Asian alley section, all food lovers can appreciate street food dishes including Chinese chicken. As Camden is the root of punk music, you will surely savour an unforgettable experience in this vibrant town.

Play online games with No Deposit Offers

The No deposit bonuses are the most appealing offers on the iGaming sites. As this industry has gained dramatic popularity in the UK, free £10 no deposit is among the offer to seduce more and more players. These perks will not only a big opportunity to test iconic games without depositing but they allow the Low Rollers to win real money. In effect, players will be rewarded with lucrative bonuses after opening an account on one of the top casino websites. How to benefit from the No deposit bonuses? The first step is to choose a reliable online gambling brand operating under the regulation of one of the respected gaming regulatory bodies. Once the registration is approved, the lucky players can claim a bonus of up to £10 and try to boost their chance to win in their favourite games.

Visit the Best Museums

If you are thinking of discovering the UK, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the best-known free museums there. Many free museums require you to pay no entry at all, permitting you to learn more about the country and its heritage. The British Museum is the most popular museum not only in the UK but also around the world. This museum is an excellent way to define the country’s history because the free visit permits you to increase your knowledge about British history, culture, and art. The National Gallery is also an irreproachable art museum located in Central London. It deserves to mention that the major attractions in the UK on exhibition require no entrance fees!


“Do what we can, summer will have its flies.” This popular quote pushes us to enjoy the summer activities as much as we can. It is undeniable that everyone loves summer, as it is a perfect time to realise our projects like going on vacations, visiting the well-known parks, tasting delicious foods, and visiting the popular museums. Moreover, if you are keen on indoor activities, you can entertain with a trustworthy iGaming site while claiming No deposit bonuses. No matter if you are running out of money, one thing is for sure, there are summer bucket activities that you can enjoy in the UK.


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