Issues with your foundation can occur at any stage of your home’s life, from foundation construction to bathroom renovation 20 years after the house was built. And this is true no matter what type of foundation you have.

The foundation of your home is holding up the walls and roof! So keeping a close eye on your property for signs of foundation problems is essential. This could include everything from noticing a slight tilt in the ground around your (indicating sinkhole formation) to finding water leaking into your basement.

Read on to find out what foundation challenges you might encounter as a homeowner.

Shrinking Soil

If you live in an arid climate with extended periods of drought, the soil on your property might dry out. In addition, having a lot of large underwatered trees on your property can cause drying.

As it dries, it retracts from the foundation. And this can cause parts—or all—of the foundation to shift.

To identify this problem, look for cracks in your walls and the movement of door and window frames.

Water Infiltration

Foundation leaks are a real issue for most houses but a particular problem for those living in areas prone to frequent rainstorms or snow. Avoiding water infiltration into your foundation comes down to having a well-constructed home.

The soil of your property should slope away from the foundation, as should any hard surfaces like patios, walkways, and driveways. You must channel rain away from the walls of your home using a guttering system connected to municipal stormwater drains.

Schedule an inspection right away. Slab leak repairs might be necessary.

An Uneven Slab

Some foundation problems result from construction issues dating back to when your home was first built, and construction workers were setting the foundation. Namely, an incorrectly or unevenly laid foundation slab. If the foundation doesn’t fit your home correctly, cracks will appear, and the structural integrity of your home will be at risk.

Sadly, this issue doesn’t have an easy fix. It may require complete foundation replacement.


If you’re noticing hairline cracks in your concrete foundation, don’t panic. These are usually normal and natural and don’t need repair.

However, call a professional foundation repair company if the crack is large or uneven, letting water in or entering through the brick of your home’s walls. They will inspect the damage and advise you on whether it requires repair.

Identify Foundation Construction Problems Early

Because the foundation is buried deep underground, most homeowners don’t think about their foundation construction at all. This is a big mistake. If you’re not checking for signs of problems, you could end up with an enormous repair bill years later.

If you’re unsure what to look for, schedule a regular inspection with a local foundation specialist. They will check your home every few years to ensure the foundation is stable. If it’s not, they will recommend early intervention repairs, saving you money in the long run.

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