There are many reasons to hire a tree service company in Blacktown. Tree pruning not only enhances the appearance of your landscape but also prevents the disease from developing. It also allows for better air circulation, allowing areas of the tree that are usually shaded to receive sun and air. This is essential for photosynthesis. You will be happy you hired a tree service to take care of your property. If you’d like to hire a tree service company in Blacktown, contact Blacktown Tree Services today!

Tree Removal

Professional tree removal services are essential for any property in Blacktown. Trees can cause damage to a home and people and removing them can be difficult, requiring more energy than you’d likely want to invest. Moreover, the removal of a tree can weaken security. An arborist with the necessary skills and equipment can ensure a safe tree removal. However, this task is best left to the professionals. Let us discuss the different aspects of tree removal in Blacktown.

An experienced arborist is required to provide tree pruning services in Blacktown. They know how trees behave and what can harm them, so they know how to trim them correctly. Tree trimming requires experience, and experienced arborists have the right tools and equipment for this task. It is important to have a professional perform tree pruning in Blacktown, as it can result in a dead or unhealthy branch or an obstructed sidewalk.

The Hills arborist

When it comes to trees, an arborist is a professional that is experienced in all types of tree solutions. Tree services involve the careful removal of dead or damaged trees and the grinding and removal of stumps, which can become a safety hazard above floor level. Blacktown Tree Services can take care of all types of tree removal projects for commercial and residential properties. They have fully qualified technicians to handle just about any kind of tree removal project in Blacktown.

It is important to understand the rules for tree removal in Blacktown. Trees should only be removed with council approval if they are noxious or hazardous. Dead, dying, and dangerous trees, including eucalyptus, need a permit. In addition, any tree removal project in Blacktown requires development consent. A tree removal permit is required if the tree is located within five meters of a residence, or in the vicinity of a swimming pool.

Tree Service

Henshaws Tree Service is an Australian-owned tree and land-service company. With a team of four professionals, they provide a variety of property services such as tree removal, dead wooding, stump grinding, hedging, crane services, and much more. In addition to their expertise in removing trees, Henshaws also provides free health care services to help protect your trees from diseases. If you’re looking for a tree removal company in Blacktown, NSW, call Henshaws Tree Service at Blacktown today.

If you are looking for a tree removal company in Blacktown, there are many factors to consider before choosing a company to remove your tree. Make sure to work with your neighbors to minimize tree lopping cost and protect trees that are already protected by law. Finally, consider planting your own trees if you have the space. Henshaws Tree Service is one of the leading providers of tree services in Blacktown.

Tree Pruning

Whether you want to improve the aesthetics of your garden or remove a tree, Henshaws Tree Pruning at the Blacktown Tree Services team is the company for you. We use state-of-the-art equipment and qualified team members to perform the job in a safe manner. Before we start work, we plan everything. A fully qualified team is able to handle the project from start to finish, leaving you with a flat developable area.


We chose Henshaws because they offer quality work at a reasonable price. They are an Australian family-owned business that cares about their customers’ needs and offers full service. They provided an accurate quote, arrived early the next morning, cleaned up, and were very reasonable on their prices. Henshaws Tree Pruning at Blacktown Tree Services is a trusted name in tree service. We highly recommend this team if you are in need of a professional tree service.


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