The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar was first minted in 1878 and remained in production until 1904, with a brief interruption from 1891 to 1892. The public had mixed feelings about the coin’s design at first, but over time, it has grown to be beloved among collectors and non-collectors alike as an iconic American coin. So why is the Morgan Silver Dollar such a beloved coin? Here are some reasons why this classic coin remains so well-loved even after more than 100 years of existence.

What Makes The Morgan Silver Dollar So Popular?

The Morgan silver dollar was minted from 1878-1904 and again in 1921. George T. Morgan designed it, hence its name. The coin is made of 90% silver and 10% copper, making it a valuable commodity. But its value goes beyond that. Much like the story behind the buffalo nickel, there’s a story behind the design of the Morgan silver dollar. Ansel Adams created the design for this one. He came up with both sides on his own – they are supposed to represent America’s commitment to progress through the industry. On one side, you see an American bald eagle flying over rays of sunlight at sunrise (symbolizing freedom).

In contrast, on the other side, you see an American bison standing amidst prairie grasses (symbolizing America’s natural beauty). Some changes were made to the design during production, but the most obvious is Liberty’s headdress on the obverse side. Initially, she had a crown with laurel leaves and no stars underneath her hair. After some time passed, these features changed so that she now has a coronet with stars underneath her hair. The laurel leaves have also disappeared from her crown after becoming irrelevant to their original symbolism because it became clear Americans would never be ruled by any monarchs again. Even though we no longer use them as currency, there will always be collectors who appreciate how beautiful they are!

What Makes This Date So Unique?

The 1921 morgan silver dollar is an iconic and beautiful coin, not just because of its design but also because of the timing of its production. When this date was first released to the public, it was also the first year a woman could vote. In fact, one argument for why this is such a beloved coin is that it commemorates the beginning of women’s suffrage in America. Even though you may have to do some research on your own to learn more about the significance of this date, there are plenty of other factors that make these coins desirable among collectors. Some people find them aesthetically pleasing or get enjoyment from their cultural significance; others simply like how they were made.

How Are These Coins Stored and Preserved?

As you can see, the Morgan silver dollar is a coin with a lot of history and meaning behind it. Today, these coins are stored and preserved in many different ways. Some people keep them in safes or vaults, while others put them in special cases or albums. No matter how you store your coins, it’s crucial to ensure they are kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


As one of the best-known coins in the United States, the Morgan silver dollar is undoubtedly a great investment for any numismatist. They are sought out by coin collectors and history enthusiasts in the US.


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