When selecting Upholstery in Dubai, there are several factors to take into account: shape, color and fabric.

Fabrics and textures come in a range of options to suit your individual style. Additionally, select colors that will blend in with the rest of your decor and help make your upholstered pieces stand out.


Furniture Upholstery fabric plays a significant role in making any piece of upholstered furniture comfortable and long-lasting. Not only does it add aesthetic value to the room, but also functional efficiency that enhances comfort levels and durability.

Upholstery fabrics come in an array of colors, textures and patterns that allow them to be combined with any space’s decor. When selecting upholstery fabric for any room, it is essential that it complements existing elements while offering long-term stability.

Natural fabric is often chosen for furniture upholstery due to its affordability and superior durability and fade resistance. Cotton is the most common natural fiber used in upholstery projects.

Natural fabrics are more eco-friendly than their synthetic counterparts, though they may not be as durable or require special maintenance to stay looking their best.


When purchasing furniture for your home, it’s essential to choose something durable and attractive. Stitching plays an integral role in this decision.

No matter the style you opt for, there are various types of stitching options that can be applied on upholstery fabrics. Some more ornamental options will surely catch your eye and create an eye-catching focal point.

There are also more functional stitches, like the topstitch which provides extra durability and helps the upholstery show off its form. Alternatively, you could opt for a French seam which involves two parallel rows of stitches on the right side of the fabric.

Padding is an integral component of upholstery, and there are various fillings you can select from. Foam is the most common option for cushions, but you also have the choice between batting or other options.


Cushions are an integral component of furniture upholstery, providing softness, comfort, support and durability. Cushions may be filled with foam materials such as polyurethane foam, polyester, cotton, latex or wool for softness, comfort and support.

The material of cushion fillings used will determine how supportive and comfortable a cushion will feel, as well as its longevity. This factor plays an integral role in the upholstery process since it affects how your furnishings appear and feel overall.

Foam cushions are a popular choice due to their support and comfort, while being lightweight and easily shaped into any desired form. Unfortunately, they lack the durability of fiber-filled cushions, and may experience sinking areas over time.

Spring down cushions offer a comfortable seating experience that’s neither too firm nor soft. They have a coiled spring core wrapped in foam and channeled feather-filled down-proof ticking around them. Fluffing and rotating the cushions regularly is required to keep them looking their best; however, spring down cushions make great alternatives to foam-filled cushions.

Fabric Care

Maintaining furniture upholstery to look its best lies in taking proper care of its fabric. Whether it is cotton, linen, synthetic or natural fibers, fabric should be cleaned and conditioned regularly to extend its useful life.

Regular vacuuming or light brushing of your upholstery helps prevent soil from getting embedded into its fibers, increasing its resilience against regular wear and tear. Dust accumulation and grime will deteriorate your upholstered piece over time, decreasing its ability to hold up under regular usage.

If you spot a stain on the fabric of your upholstery, take action now to minimize its visibility. A quick blot with kitchen roll or damp cloth can help minimize any marks that do appear and help prevent permanent staining.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when cleaning fabric of your upholstered furniture. These instructions can be found on the law tag attached to the item.


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