This jack is referred to by several different names. Pallet truck, scooter, dog, pallet pump, pump truck, and even jigger are examples of these terms.  A pallet is a flat structure that holds goods while they are being lifted. The primary function of this tool is to transmit data.


In this article, we will go over some of the essential information about this type of pallet jack.


  • It piles up goods
  • It transports goods
  • Stores goods
  • Assembles goods
  • Allows easy movement of stacked goods in the warehouse
  • It transports goods at shorter distances

Types of jacks

  • The manual pump truck
  • The powered pump truck
  • The electric pump truck
  • The rider pump truck
  • The rough terrain pump truck


  1. It is hand powered and is often utilized in the retail and personal warehouse.
  2. It is used in lifting and lowering pallets from one place to another.
  3. It is the cheapest on the market.
  4. It loads a capacity of 5500 LBS.
  5. It is also composed of a steel machine.

The powered or the motorized truck

  1. They are motorized to allow the lifting and moving of heavily stacked pallets from one place to another.
  2. A throttle usually carries them.
  3. It is more efficient compared to the manual.

The electric pump truck

  1. This type of pallet truck is more efficient compared to the manual one.

The rider pump truck

  1. It is almost similar to the motorized
  2. It has an additional riding platform which is not there in the electric one

The rough terrain pump truck

  1. It is usually designed to be used on an uneven ground
  2. It is made of heavy heavy-duty
  3. It is less frequently used as compared to the electric and the manual ones

Factors to consider when purchasing the electric pump truck

  • The capacity of the load

The user should ensure that the jack can maintain the pack’s weight. The load should weigh 1000.

  • The height capacity

The jack should have the ability to lift loads to the required height. The height should be 1200 to 5000 mm or more.

  • The size of the pallet

The pallets are of the size 1165 square mm. One should consider buying a jack that manages the varied pallet size.

  • The ride ride-on pedestrian

Most of the jobs in the warehouse are done by the medians. The ride-on version is used when one wants to save time and also to improve efficiency.

  • The storage space

Some models of these jacks come with platforms that save space when they are not in use. One should consider the storage amount available for hosting when it is not in use.

  • The staff training

A walkie electric jack does not require a license. It is recommended that you should ensure that your employees are properly and safely trained to use them.

  • The budget

Most of these jacks’ prices differ slightly from their manual counterparts. It would help if you considered purchasing a jack within your price range.


Before purchasing these jacks, it is often necessary to conduct extensive research, and after reviewing the information, I believe you are on the right track.


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