The Portuguese national team, especially in the 21st century, is steadily considered as one of the main favorites of major tournaments. It is easy to watch football matches today with its participation on a proven platform. The site covers all the matches involving this team.

This team, especially in the 2000s, reached the semifinals (World Cup 2006) and the decisive matches (European Championship 2004) of international tournaments several times. However, at the start of Euro 2016 it was unlikely that anyone could classify the team as one of the main favorites in the tournament. Yes, Portugal had a very cool squad, but everyone was used to the fact that the team lacked something. 

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So, at the Euro Portugal got in not the most difficult group, where its rivals were national teams of:

  • Hungary;
  • Iceland;
  • Austria.

It is amazing, but in such a quartet the team could not get a single victory. Portugal managed to reach the playoffs of the tournament only due to the new format of the drawing, when the ⅛ stage of the tournament was introduced.

Portugal’s path to the playoffs

In the elimination matches Portugal gradually improved. First, it beat Croatia minimally, although in extra time. If you are also interested in this national team, it is easy to watch live football tonight with its participation on a trusted website. 

In general, it is important to note that in the playoff grid, Portugal was very lucky with the drawing. For example, in the quarterfinals and ½ stage, Portugal faced Poland and Wales in succession. These are strong opponents, but not the stars. The Portuguese have dealt with them.

In the final, the team, maybe for the first time in the entire tournament, was not a favorite. Portugal played with the host country of the tournament – France. And in the beginning of the match the team was without its captain and main star – Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, it helped the team to unite. It bravely withstood the pressure of the French, and managed to win in extra time thanks to a single accurate shot by Eder.

In general, despite all the problems of the team during the tournament, its triumph was quite logical. Portugal showed a bright soccer. In addition, the team was very reliable in defense. 

If you want to follow its progress even tonight, then watch live football on the sports statistics website. Yes, the results of Portugal have slipped somewhat in the continental forums, but the victory of 2016 will forever remain in the hearts of fans. It was the first major international success of the Pyrenees, who managed to take perfect advantage of all the missteps of many direct competitors at that tournament. And it is easy to follow their current successes on the proven statistical platform. 


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