It has become critical in today’s polluted environment to drink filtered and high-quality water. Water forms the primary component of the human body, so we drink water devoid of contaminants. A water purifier will enable you to get pure and toxin-free water. An efficient water purifier can remove unwanted salts, suspended particulate matter, and microbes.

Maintenance is critical for the prolonged lifespan of any water purifier. If there is no proper maintenance, then the durability and function of the product are hampered. A water purifier can last for 5-8 years with periodic checks. Here are some of the essentials for properly maintaining a water purifier.

Filters Must Be Replaced Regularly:

An essential factor in maintaining a water purifier is to service, clean and replace the filters. This needs to be done once in at least 6-8 months. A water purifier has many filters that must be adjusted at different intervals.   To know the replacement time for all filters, you must read the user manual.

Pollutants present in water slowly deposit on the filters over time. Deposits choke the filters over time and lower the filtration potential. Thus it becomes imperative for us to change them regularly.

A premium water purifier provided by RO service near me in Jaipur has a sediment and carbon filter. We have to replace both filters at an interval of 8-12 months. This is critical for the efficient functioning of the purifier.

The Membrane Of The Water Purifier Must Be Maintained:

A thin membrane separates the solute from the solvent in a water purifier. This setup allows only pure water to pass through the membrane. The membrane is the central component of the purifier system. Thus, it must be cleaned and maintained regularly to get clean and safe drinking water. The membrane needs to be changed every 3-4 months.

Water Purifiers Must Be Thoroughly Sanitised & Cleaned:

Cleaning is the most straightforward technique to keep a water purifier in order. There are various intricate pipes networking within a water purifier. Proper sanitisation of these pipes must be done simultaneously with the replacement of filters. The water purifier service in Jaipur does a great job in this aspect. They send experts to service your purifiers.

A foul odour is a sign of microbial infection. Therefore, it is crucial to continually empty and refill the water storage tanks. The entire cleaning and sanitisation process requires a lot of assembly and disassembly. Experts need to carry out this process.

We Should Inspect For Leakages:

A leak, if at all there, might cause serious harm. We must immediately repair any such leaks. A leak also results in unnecessary wastage of water. The leak can be due to a broken pipeline or a damaged body part. This is why regular inspections must be carried out to check for the source of the leaks or prevent future damages.

A Water Purifier Has To Have A Clean Exterior:

The internal maintenance and the outside of the purifier must both be kept clean. Cleaning the exterior surface will make the purifier look new and lower the risk of contamination. If the exterior tap for dispensing water or the storage tank gets contaminated, it will damage the faucet and surrounding area. This is why you must always keep the external surface and the tap clean. A clean and dry cloth can be used to keep the external surface clean.

A Water Purifier Must Have Annual Maintenance:

Any noted water purifier brand provides an annual maintenance contract (AMC). This is a simple and convenient process to maintain the appliance without any severe issues. You must ensure that you get professional help to solve any problem associated with the device. Most costly parts of a purifier such as the membrane, water pump and UV don’t need replacement before two years.

To conclude, if you have to ensure optimal water purifier performance, you must follow proper maintenance tips. If you maintain your purifier correctly, then it can deliver the best performance for a long time.

Thus if you have to save a significant portion of your money, you must maintain your water purifier properly. Maintaining a water purifier is not a difficult task. The suggestions discussed here will keep your water purifier in perfect condition.


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