An undiscovered film is waiting to be discovered. It Equitylundentechcrunch might just be the perfect opportunity for an ambitious filmmaker to let their creativity run wild and see where it takes him next. With movies like The Phantom of the Opera and Edward Scissorhands, studios have solidified their position as the ultimate purveyors of cinematic fuel. Nowadays, filmmakers can choose from a huge variety of different project ideas at any given time. And with Dramatists Project moving forward, that’s exactly what they’ll get to do this year too. As the company states on its website, “This year’s Dramatists Project will explore the hidden narratives hidden within modern films.” So let’s take a look at what we can expect from this year’s project list and how a Finding Films project could help you find your own hidden story!

The Phantom of the Opera

What makes The Phantom of the Opera so enticing is its extreme rarity. A film that has only been released a single time in its 40 year history, it’s incredibly rare to find a copy available for the intended audience. What makes the film so fascinating is that it’s almost completely unknown today, largely thanks to the Internet. A true gem, The Phantom of the Opera is a must-see for any music snobs or film buffs. And, if you’re more interested in the transformation of Paris, you’ll definitely want to check out the other Nolan-related classics The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

## Edward Scissorhands

The pair of classic children’s books that paved the way for the modern realm of fantasy and the phenomenon we now call the novel,Uncaged, releases its first photo-realistic film in almost a decade. We’ve all been waiting for an entire decade for this film to be released and, boy, is it coming. It has everything you could want in a film and more. It’s dark, emotional, and fantasy-filled. The story revolves around a pair of young children who are raised in a world of magic and darkness. The children meet a group of young, shape-shifting, diabolical characters that they quickly become interested in. You can watch the film in its original 16:9 format or in high-res, and you’ll see everything that makes The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises so great in a new light.

## The Theory of Everything

The world has passed away, The Theory of Everything has been created, and it’s just waiting to be discovered. The first film in the rebooted HBO series The Hand, The Theory of Everything follows a group of misfits who want nothing more than to blend in and become accepted members of society. But each of them has a secret that they’re eager to share with the world. Will.I.Am, Margot Robbie and Jeff Gold, the main four, star in this nail-biting drama about four kids who find themselves in something of a secret society. The plot revolves around four generations of humans and their relationship to the planet Earth. Humans have always been interested in the environment and the animals that live near us, but the group discovers that this interest is much more than they may have ever imagined.

## The Dark Knight Rises

Let’s be honest: the notion of seeing Batman in a Dark Knight Rises movie is ridiculous. Sure, we all want to see the Dark Knight fall in battle with the forces of good and evil, but really, what’s the point? This is a Batman movie after all, not a World War II film about the Allies or the Axis. But, but, and, it’s a very good question. Yes, the Dark Knight Rises is packed with action, thrilling moments, and fantastic Visual Effects. But the real draw here is the one and only return to cinematography the Dark Knight has been so desperately seeking for the last decade. It takes place a decade after the events of The Dark Knight and sees our hero, Batman, trying to one-up his mentor, The Dark Knight Rises.

## Pan’s Labyrinth

After winning the Best OriginalScreenplay Oscar for The Dark Knight Rises, David Ayer jumped at the opportunity to create a movie about a young girl. The pair of childhood friends, Sonya Leaf and Amelie, who meet in this film and become instantly connected, form a family. Like many family stories, this one revolves around a lot of lost time. We meet our main characters through the eyes of their young daughter, who is the only other person in the world who knows the truth about her family and her origins. Pan’s Labyrinth is an unforgettable film that I highly recommend. If you love art, architecture, and psychological horror, this is the film for you.

## Finding Neverland: Finding Your Meaning in the World

Finding Neverland: A Search for Meaning in the World is a culture-changing film that will challenge your assumptions about certain aspects of human existence. It follows a family of four as they search for their meaning in the world. The film is filled with heartbreak and tears, but the threads that keep it all together are fascinating. It follows the journey of three people as they journey out of the country and into the world to find meaning. It appears that this is the first film in theFinding Your Meaning series and it’s a great thing to see. It follows the journey of a group of families as they explore the world and find meaning in their lives. It’s a fascinating journey that I highly recommend seeing.

## Amelie

A month after winning the best original screenplay award for The Dark Knight Rises, Ayer releases his new film, Amelie. The story centres around a group of young people from a working-class family who, like The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, find themselves stranded on an island after a catastrophic event. Like many family stories, this one centres around a lost time, this one, and the final goodbye. Like many family stories, this one revolves around a lost love, this one, and the final goodbye. Like many family stories, this one takes place in a house. Like many family stories, this one takes place in a barn. Like many family stories, this one takes place in a field. Like many family stories, this one takes place in a cell. Like many family stories, this one takes place on a boat. Like many family stories, this one takes place on a pier. Like many family stories, this one takes place in a box.


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