More and more people across the globe are turning to electric vehicles for their transportation needs – and governments at the local and national levels in many countries are committed to seeing electric vehicles as key to their long-term public transportation plans. Transportation companies are also eagerly following the developments in the field of heavy electric vehicles. The growth of the use of electric vehicles has been nothing less than spectacular over the last three years.

In 2012 about 130,000 electric vehicles were snapped up by consumers across the world. Today, many electric vehicles are sold in a single week (International Energy Association). Sales of electric vehicles totalled 6.3 million units in 2021, up 102% from the previous year, and are expected to reach 26.8 million units by 2030 (S&P Global Platts Analytics).

The growth in sales has been driven by increased battery capacity (and increased range), better performance and increasing concern among consumers about the impact of fossil fuels impact on the natural world. Australians have been slower to make the move to electric vehicles than consumers in many other Westernized countries – but a seismic shift is coming. It is anticipated that by 2023 66% of Australia will own an electric vehicle.

The current reluctance of Australians to fully embrace electric vehicles may be in part due to worries over the widespread availability of charging stations. However, companies like GET Electric are rapidly changing the charger landscape.

As they are a leader in the installation of both residential and commercial charging stations. The installation of a commercial charging station makes sense for those who want to attract consumers to sites such as shopping centers and car parks. Given the anticipated growth in the electric car market, these commercial enterprises that are early adopters will be at a distinct competitive advantage. Consumers are creatures of habit – once they find a location where a charging station is available they will tend to frequent that station more often.

They also install residential chargers. These are compatible with solar and Smart homes and can be wall or floor-mounted. The electric car owner simply plugs their car in overnight and in the morning they are ready to hit the road.

The chargers are app-driven, a simple download and payment options that include secure pay-per-use charging. The app will allow drivers to locate the nearest charging station and view their payment history, as well as using QR codes for payment. Installation of charging stations is quick and easy – and the experts at we are available 24/7 to offer advice and project management skills to ensure the installation of an electric charging station of supercharging DC, and standard AC goes off without a hitch.

Given the anticipated growth in the Australian electric vehicle market, it is companies like GET Electric that will be leading the way to a greener and more sustainable future. If you are a commercial property owner wanting to leverage this robust growth in electric car use, or a residential homeowner considering the advantages of an electric vehicle make sure that you are dealing with a market leader .

Why You Should Consider EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are taking over the world! More and more people across generations have been turning to this new technology for their transportation needs. For example, many countries’ governments see electric cars as key in implementing sustainable public transport plans with long-term goals that will last through time periods where oil may become scarce or inaccessible due to other factors such as climate change/warming etc. This isn’t just happening abroad either–right here at home, we’re seeing major players like Tesla Motors invest heavily into building powerful battery packs which can store electricity from renewable sources so they don’t need continued use of fossil fuels daily – making these types of vehicles Ready For Prime Time In Australia.

With growing concerns over pollution and climate change, electric vehicles are becoming more popular than ever.

A new study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) found that worldwide sales of battery-powered cars increased fourfold in just three years—with China driving much larger growth rates both nationally and internationally on its own! The report also notes how several other key markets have seen rapid expansion: India is poised to become another major player; Brazil skyrocketing due largely thanks to its government incentives which have helped stimulate demand despite the high costs associated with owning one.

The shift to electric vehicles is coming. The growth in sales has been driven by increased battery capacity (and range), better performance and growing concern among consumers about the impact of fossil fuels on our natural world – with Australians being slower than many Westernized countries when it comes to this transition but still moving towards greener transportation choices.

In just 10 years’ time, we could see an entire generation that knows little or nothing beyond how life was before they were born because there will no longer be accessible oil sources left!

Global Electric Transport (GET) has been working hard to change the charging landscape in Australia. They have installed over 100 fast chargers and are investing further into bike-sharing programs so that people can use their cars not just during commutes but also when they need them for short trips around town!

Electric car companies face an uphill battle in Australia because people are not yet ready to embrace them as much. However, there is hope for the future of electric vehicles with new technology that will eventually make it easier and cheaper than ever before!

A reliable  Electric Transport company specializes in installing chargers for both residential and commercial spaces. They have a wide variety of options available, including a wall or floor mounting with an option to purchase the electricity generated by your solar panels at wholesale rate prices!

They also install electric car charger plates too – compatible not only with homes but also businesses who want easy access to their inventory without having individual EV’s on-site (or paying full retail). You simply plug in overnight so it will be ready when you get up…no more waiting around during work hours just because there are few enough bathrooms available within walking distance from where YOU

The Australian electric vehicle market is projected to grow significantly in the coming years. This growth will be led by GET Electric, with their services tailored for commercial properties and homes alike looking forward to a greener future where they can serve as sustainability leaders.


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