You need a combination of creativity and diligence to recruit top talents as new team members into your company. Having the right team of professionals in your organization gives you a higher chance of improved efficiency and success.

Although technology has made it easier than ever to publish your job postings to a wider audience; however, you need great recruiting strategies to hire the best candidates, especially now that most companies have their employees working remotely. You will do well to grow your organization and keep it running by employing the right personnel for the teams working with you.

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This article will talk about new ways of recruiting the right team members for your company.

Tips on How to Recruit the Right Team Members

There are lots of things that you should consider before employing staff into your company. Here are a few tips for recruiting the right team members effectively.

1. Determine the Required Skill Sets

This should be your first line of action when recruiting team members. It would help if you took a survey to understand what skillsets are missing in your company. Think broadly about what the team needs, not just replacing a team member to fill the space. You can seek someone with more useful skill sets in that particular role. Also, don’t base your candidate’s suitability on formal qualifications only. It creates an unnecessary barrier to in-demand jobs.

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2. Post a Clear, Motivating Job Description

From your job description, a potential employee should clearly understand the company’s culture and work expectations. You should indicate exactly what you are searching for in a candidate. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the kind of background or education a good candidate should have for a specific role. Similarly, treat your potential employees with respect; make them feel like you are excited to have them in your team, as they are to your organization.

3. Ask for Employee Referral

People of great value often surround themselves with other excellent personalities. Therefore, you can ask your current employees to refer people qualified to fill a particular role. With this, you can be sure to have potential employees of great talent in your team. You can also provide incentives for referrals, with bonuses to people who recommend the best candidate for any available positions. This will create excitement and diligence around the referral contest.

4. Look Out for Candidates with Similar Team Values

Know the key attributes you are looking for in potential employees. During the interview, you can ask value-driven questions to explore how well they reason. For instance, if candidates say they are loyal, you can ask them “To whom they are loyal to?” or “Why?” These answers will help you determine if they are truly loyal. You can as well ask questions like, “How do you handle ethical issues in your work?” and “While working, what do you enjoy doing the most?” Similarly, you can test for their emotional intelligence, coachability, temperament, technical competence, and more.

5. Proper Scrutiny of Candidate’s Background

This is where you check for their most recent references. Ensure that your candidate’s references are from relevant sources. It would help if you vetted each candidate to know their skills, attitude, and relationship with people. If they are currently out of work, you can check with their former boss to get information on your potential employee. You can also find their previous teams to ask questions about their background. This process will guide you to choosing the right person for the job vacancy.

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6. Employ Foreigners into Your Team

Having foreigners in your team can help your organization grow massively as we all know that people from different regions have different cultures and modes of carrying out activities. Therefore, they will bring more innovation to the team, help implement fresh ideas, and develop new approaches to solve problems. They also have easy access to the global markets. Hence, you can hire them via global payroll. With global payroll, all payments are made by employers to their employees, regardless of their location.


As an employer, you will need to recruit new members to your team at some point in your company life. Thus, you should follow the best recruiting strategies, such as the ones listed above, to achieve this. Make necessary efforts to recruit foreigners into your team; they are always full of innovative ideas. An EOR Company can help you join them to your team.


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