VSYS Host accepts dozens of payment methods for different countries. Our priority is to make life and access to the infrastructure in the Netherlands and Ukraine comfortable for everybody. Today we answer your questions about crypto payments for data exchange infrastructure.

  1. Is crypto legal?
  2. There is no correct answer. Some countries consider it evil and ban it in their constitutions, while others open doors to the miners and investors. But thanking offshore data centers, those customers can earn and spend bitcoins. The discussion about that is ongoing.
  3. My cryptomarket wants my personal data for registration. Do I need these to buy a dedicated server in your company?
  4. When registering the crypto market account, you need to confirm your identity. We don’t require your data except for one communicator for information. Don’t worry about advertisements. That helps them reduce the risks of bots attempting to steal money.
  5. Are there any restrictions for users who pay in crypto?
  6. No, all users are equal in rights despite the payment. The restrictions are possible only relating to the bandwidth opportunities. For example, some servers can’t run at their full potential in Ukraine due to massive attacks. Or peak period limits to satisfy all customers.
  7. I live in Turkmenistan. I trust crypto and want to pay for such a method, but my local authorities block the cryptocurrencies. Is this the obstacle for the transaction?
  8. When you decide to pay in crypto, you reach the cryptoprocessor’s page. It works as the bridge between traditional and modern payment systems. Indeed, the system withdraws the money from your card or bank account, automatically converts the Bitcoin, for example, and sends it to us. Nobody will know that you buy the server with crypto, even your government.
  9. I’m afraid to use crypto because the next payment will require identification via traditional payments. Is it true?
  10. We use the data from processing or acquiring to withdraw the cost of the service. You can change these data in your personal account or cancel the subscription anytime.




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