Stephen Shaw is a Globally Renowned Mystic, Spiritual Life Coach, Shaman, Tantra Master, and author of 12 bestselling, spiritual self-help books. He has been seen on KTNV Las Vegas, NBC Palm Springs, multiple radio shows, podcasts, blogs and magazines. He is an expert in transforming clients’ lives through highest-level spiritual teachings and by eliciting ecstatic mystical-tantric-awakening states. Read Stephen Shaw’s biography by visiting his website at

The term “mystic” comes from the Greek word meaning “unnameable.” It points to the path of spiritual realization requiring that a person transcend their mind, beliefs and self-identity. It is about surrendering everything you know, letting go everything you hold onto, and gradually walking the path into the “mysterium tremendum”. This Latin term refers to the sheer, overwhelming awe of meeting and merging into God or the Source Of All.

As a Shaman, Stephen Shaw is able to walk in the worlds that exist beyond this one. It requires compassionate, kind mentorship while training to access these altered states of consciousness. It also requires astute intuition and advanced knowledge to know how to choose and navigate otherworldly planes of existence. The goal of shamanism and shamanic journeying is bring back to the tribe (in this case Stephen’s clients) profound healing and esoteric knowledge, as well as messages from departed loved ones, ancestors, angels and other beings of Light. The measure of a good Shaman is: His gifts must align with Divine Light. His messages must facilitate increasing love, joy and peace in your life. His energy healing must dramatically increase the vibration-feeling and quality of your life.

While Shamans walk in higher planes of existence, a Mystic is directly penetrating the Mind of God and merging into the Source of All. The benefits are enormous: radical self-love, deep compassion and kindness toward others, freedom from ego and drama and being self-absorbed, massive desire to help all people and heal the planet. The cost is the numerous “little deaths of self” that occur as the Mystic moves deeper and deeper into the Divine Light.

A Mystic is a spiritual seeker. They do not belong to a specific faith, belief system or doctrine. They seek the ultimate Truth and ultimate Freedom. They want to experience the highest form of existence, bliss and love, while still inhabiting a human body and walking on this Earth. A Mystic is only interested in direct experience of the Divine. Truth can only be revealed through personal, direct experience and alchemic spiritual transformation.

For those who prefer to read a book instead of contacting a Mystic, Stephen highly recommends They Walk Among Us: Meet the highest beings of Light in the worlds beyond this one. Absorb sacred mystical teachings, as well as advanced relationship knowledge and skills. All the sacred teachings are weaved into a supernatural romance story that will make you cry, laugh and dance with joy! They Walk Among Us shares awakened teachings for profound spiritual romantic relationships. Discover the beautiful language of Love Whispering. The power of effective communication styles and egoless listening. The magic of acknowledging and expressing your feelings and needs. Read the books They Walk Among Us, Heart Song and Divine Love together and create radical self-transformation!

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