At some point in our lives, we get to be in a dilemma that we can’t seem to be able to get out of. One of those dilemmas is being in a fix of whether you need to buy a car or simply continue to commute to work.

If you have found yourself in such a dilemma, wondering whether you need to get a car vs commuting, we’ll help you make a decision. It’s great to note that all we do is give you facts; the rest is up to you. 

It might take some time before you are able to decide, but once you get there, things will be easy. And with that, let’s get into it: 

Commuting to Work

By definition, commuting is to travel between one’s house and their place of employment on a regular basis when you leave the confines of your home town. This may be for more or less time. 

For an average person that has been commuting to work, they’ll tell you that you get to enjoy tons of things such as: 

1. You have Some Space to Yourself

The advantage of commuting is that it forces you to take a psychological break prior to and after work.

Of course, this implies that you don’t waste your whole bus or train travel checking emails or dialing into conference calls. Nevertheless, the idea is that there is a possibility for some mental rest. Conversely, commuting may provide you with the chance to catch up with acquaintances via email, listen to music, read, or do anything else you enjoy but find difficult to fit into your schedule.

2. You Will Experience a Shift in Environment

When you work remotely, especially from home, you’re likely to be gazing at the identical four walls every day. And afterwards, it can get tedious. The advantage of commuting is that it allows you to get out of the house and enjoy a very much-necessary change of environment. 

Change of scenery will always have a good impact on you. You might actually see the perfect trade show displays in Las Vegas that your company can employ in your next marketing campaign or understand why your lead engineer insisted on employing cashew gates. When you have a mental break, you have time to think about essential things and see them in new lights.

3. You May Possibly Get Some Exercise 

One of the biggest advantages of commuting is the opportunity to get some fitness activity, whether it’s cycling to work or power walking to and from the train station. Not only will that physical exercise benefit your overall health, but it will also benefit your psychological health and help you start and finish your workday on a more invigorated note.

As such, commuting to work is not at all that bad. However,  you do not have control over your commute hours and you’ll need to be on time or might actually end up missing your train or getting late for work., which might ruin your day or get you into trouble. 

In addition, the cost of commuting to work is not that high, but this depends on which city you are in.

Buying a Car

If you do not like the idea of commuting to work, you can always get a car. Now, you will have control of things like the time you leave your home for work and work for home. 

Buying a car is great, but you’ll have to put the following in mind:

1. The Cost of Getting the Car

While you are looking to get a car, you need to keep in mind that it will not be handed over to you for free. You’ll have to pay for it. The prices vary from a car dealership and the type of car you want to acquire.

If you have already been saving for your car , that’s better, but if you are planning to take out a loan to get one, you  need to be careful. You may end up taking a larger loan that will give you a hard time paying or, better still, wind up losing it when you cannot complete your loan payment. 

It’s not just buying a car, it’s also about the insurance of your car, the changes you will need in your new car, such as  a new  automotive lamp design or a new tire design, or dashboards with luminous LEDs.

2. Responsibilities for Owning a Car

Owning a car comes with some responsibilities. You will be required to be able to drive yourself, or get a chauffeur, if you can afford one. Additionally, you will be required to know the traffic laws for your country and the city or state you are in. Moreover, a driving license is a must-have, and being caught without one renders you in conflict with the law.

These are just to mention a few. Not all cities or corporate offices offer a parking lot, and you may be required to get a ticket for the same on a daily or weekly basis. 

The Bottom Line

The decision of owning a car or commuting to work is totally in your court. Since each has its weaknesses, they have their strengths too. Everything depends on what works for you at what point in your life. Best of luck! 


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