Often people who switch to Samsung devices are surprised that they have a unique voice assistant, similar to Apple’s Siri, Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant. This is Bixby that you get by doing this useful Bixby voice download to make your life more comfortable.

In this article, we will tell you how to start using this unique application. Thus, you can release it in several methods, among which are Bixby key tapping and single or double touch of the Android power button. It’s easier than you might think at first.

The main features of Bixby

First, it is similar to Google Assistant. You will be able to use this program too, but Bixby has more unique characteristics and is compatible with any modern version of Android. Each Samsung device has this app in its toolkit after 2017. Samsung Galaxy Watch has this helper too, but this device is still not released.

Bixby modes

There are several useful modes of Bixby. There are some examples:

  • Bixby Home is a tool that will help you use Bixby with ease. It was designed to visualise commands.
  • Bixby Voice is the most popular method of user interaction with the Bixby app. You will say a voice command and you will get a response from this assistant.
  • Type to Bixby mimics the keyboard. You will be able to command not only with your voice, but also with your text.
  • Bixby Vision will help you use the artificial intelligence of Samsung, which will give you real-time translation of printed text and other advanced smartphone features.

Bixby activating 

The initiation of the Bixby application depends on what personal settings there are in your smartphone.

Voice usage

You can make a simple greeting such as “Hi, Bixby”. This will help you to get in touch with this program and start using its useful features.

Bixby button usage

Many Samsung devices have a unique Bixby button, which is located under the volume control. You can activate this program with the following actions:

  • Visit “Settings” and “Extra features” there.
  • Tap “Bixby key.”
  • Select the tool you want to try first.

Bixby can activate other programs too. Thus, you can do it in two methods. This is pressing the Bixby key or double pressing. Using this feature will help you activate other programs on your smartphone or tablet too.

  • Refine the activation options for Bixby and set a double or single touch.
  • Single touch allows you to press the right button and activate the button called “Use double press”.
  • Tap “Use double press”.
  • Visit the options section on the “Use double press” page.
  • Find the program you want to activate,
  • Tap “Run quick command” if necessary, and then use a double tap.
  • In this case, you will need to repeat these steps in order for Bixby to open any of those apps that your smartphone has.

Side button usage

Modern Samsung devices have a multi-purpose side button, which gives users more features than Bixby one. You can activate this by following the steps:

  • Visit the options section and tap “Advanced features.”
  • Tap “Side key”.
  • Find the tool you want to use to activate your Bixby. Double tap will help you start all the necessary procedures.

The power button usage

Finally, the last method of Bixby activation on many Samsung smartphones and tablets is tap on the power button. You should make a long touch on this one, which will lead you to the window of the selection of features when you deactivate your device. To complete the action, you should visit the settings section in the upper right corner of the display and enable a feature that activates your Bixby by using the power button. This is how this handy program works that will make your life much easier and more comfortable.


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