Who does not dream of a day to just get away and relax? It seems like this is a dream of most people in today’s day and age. If this is something that you have been thinking about, and if you crave somewhere luxurious to get away and relax, then a relaxing yacht rental with The Standard Yacht is the answer that you have been searching for. But what exactly makes The Standard Yacht the best choice for a nice, relaxing day on the water?

What You Get

With The Standard Yacht, you can rest easy knowing that your luxurious and relaxing day will go as smoothly as possible. Before booking this relaxing day cruise, it is important that you know what you will get with your rental. Not only will you get a 2-4 hour cruise, depending on the package that you select, but you will also have access to the three bedrooms aboard the ship, free wifi, and a cruise around the San Diego Bay area.

This cruise around the bay will give you plenty of beautiful views that will make it even easier to lay back and relax and enjoy the views. The Coronado Bay Bridge, the Star of India, and downtown San Diego are just a few sights that you will be able to enjoy aboard our luxurious yacht. You will be free to turn on some music if that will help you relax more; lay back and enjoy the breeze and the sunshine.

Alternatives to the Relaxing Day Cruise

If you have been searching for a place to get away and relax, but you want to plan something a little more than just a simple cruise, The Standard Yacht has you covered. Keep the nice, relaxing feel to your cruise, but invite your family or friends along for the family cruise. You are under no obligation to turn up the volume on your music or alter your idea of a relaxing cruise whatsoever. If you are wanting a relaxing atmosphere for a girls’ trip, a brunch cruise may be exactly what you are looking for. Again, there is no need to turn up the stress level or turn down the relaxation. Brunch and a relaxing yacht rental can go hand in hand to make your relaxing day the idea of perfection that you had envisioned in your mind.

Your experience with The Standard Yacht is meant to be relaxing and simple. With a process as easy as one, two, or three, you will be on your relaxing day cruise faster than you can take the time off of work. Simply choose your relaxing event type, schedule your relaxing yacht rental, and enjoy your experience. Our hope is that we help make you feel so relaxed that you will be able to forget all stress and simply exist for a few hours.


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