Wouldn’t be amazing to use fast internet on the go? While mobile data and mobile hotspots have made significant advancements when it comes to internet speed, they still don’t have high bandwidth to support multiple devices. Additionally, using hotspots for long hours can put a strain on your smartphone and its battery life.

Therefore, an internet dongle or more commonly called an internet stick can help you achieve such results.

What is an Internet dongle?

An internet dongle is a portable device that helps users connect to the internet on their computer or laptop. It uses a cellular network to connect to the internet and provide high-speed internet. This dongle is a convenient way to connect to the internet when your Wi-Fi is down, or you are traveling constantly and don’t trust public Wi-Fi connections.

An Internet dongle can’t act as Wi-Fi. It only connects to one singular device using the USB port. Therefore, the speed offered by the dongle is comparatively higher than portable Wi-Fi devices. Currently, there are many dongles available in the market at affordable rates. However, Airtel Data Card or Airtel Dongle offers users good results when it comes to high-speed internet. Let’s get to know more about Airtel’s internet dongle.

Airtel Internet Dongle or Airtel Data Card

Airtel Dongle, also known as Airtel 4G Dongle or Airtel 4G USB modem, is a mobile broadband device offered by Airtel, one of the leading telecommunications service providers in India. It allows users to connect their computers or laptops to Airtel’s 4G network, providing internet access on the go. Here’s a brief overview of Airtel Dongle:

  1. Device and Compatibility: Airtel Dongle is a USB modem that connects to the USB port of your computer or laptop. It is compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems, and in most cases, the necessary drivers and software are preloaded on the dongle itself.
  2. 4G Network: Airtel Dongle utilizes Airtel’s 4G network infrastructure, which offers high-speed internet access across various locations in India. The dongle allows you to access the internet using Airtel’s 4G mobile broadband service.
  3. SIM Card and Data Plans: Airtel Dongle requires an Airtel SIM card specifically designed for internet data usage. You need to insert the Airtel SIM card into the dongle to establish a connection. Airtel provides a range of data plans tailored for dongle users, including prepaid and postpaid options with different data allowances and validity periods. These plans can be purchased separately and recharged as needed.

The recharge can be completed from the Airtel Thanks app. Additionally, you can also check data usage for your data card on the Thanks app.     

  1. Connection Setup: To set up the Airtel Dongle, you typically need to insert the Airtel SIM card into the dongle’s SIM card slot. Once connected to your computer or laptop, the necessary drivers and software will install automatically, facilitating the setup process. The dongle software allows you to monitor data usage, manage your account, and perform other relevant functions.
  2. Portability: Airtel Dongle is designed to be compact and portable, enabling users to carry it conveniently while traveling or on the move. It provides flexibility in accessing the internet in areas with Airtel’s 4G network coverage.
  3. Network Speed and Coverage: The speed and coverage of the internet connection provided by Airtel Dongle depend on the strength and availability of Airtel’s 4G network in the respective area.

The Airtel Dongle price can be checked online on various e-commerce websites.

How to recharge Airtel Data Card?

Follow the below steps to recharge your Airtel Data Card or Dongle:

  • Download the Airtel Thanks app and launch it.
  • On the home page, scroll down to find a shortcut named ‘recharge.’
  • Tap on it.
  • You will be redirected to a recharge page. Tap on the data card to proceed.
  • Enter your name or mobile number registered with the data card.
  • The available data card plans will be displayed on the screen. Choose a plan.
  • Complete the online payment.
  • And that’s it! Your data card will be recharged successfully!

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