Lucid dreams are experiences when you are aware that you are dreaming during your state of dreaming. With this awareness, some people record that they somewhat control or change the environment, storyline, and people in their dreams during lucid dreaming. Usually, as you improve your lucid dreaming skills, your ability to control the dreams you experience grows further. According to the studies, more than half the people in the world experience lucid dreams at least once in their lifetimes, but the number of people who experience frequent lucid dreaming is much less. Lucid dreams are exciting and even fun, but they also have interesting side effects that positively impact your awake lives. Here are some of the benefits of lucid dreams listed for you:

Reduced Anxiety, Stress, and Nightmares

Lucid dreams give you a sense of control, and this feeling of power will more likely follow you to your awake period. Some therapists suggest lucid dreaming as a technique of meditation for patients with a great amount of anxiety.  Moreover, lucid dreams are well-known for their ability to reduce nightmares. Since during lucid dreams, you are aware that you are dreaming, you will be less affected by the nightmares and the anxiety and stress those nightmares create. With lucid dreams, you will have less anxiety and maybe turn your nightmares into some experiences that have meanings rather than just being scared of. This will both improve your metacognition skills and sleeping quality, which will affect you in your daily life.

Better and Improved Motor Skills

Some studies show that when you imagine things like tapping on your fingers very quickly during your lucid dreams, your motor skills will be improved. When you practice this, both your awareness during the dream and motor skill performance will be increased greatly. The parts of your brain that make you experience lucid dreams and are responsible for your motor skill use are very related. Therefore, next time you experience a lucid dream, try to use your motor skills as much as possible. If you have problems with certain ones of them and practice this, you will most likely become more skilled at them by time.

Enhanced Creativity and Problem-solving

Dreams are when our brains let go of rational ways of behaving or thinking and become their most unique and imaginative versions of themselves. Therefore, during lucid dreams where you are aware of your state of dreaming, you could easily come up with more creative ideas and solutions to the areas that are bugging you. Some researchers argue that lucid dreams are incredible mental exercises that let your brain take the lead without any restrictions and help you to become better at problem-solving and more creative. Numerous scientists record that they practice lucid dreaming when they are stuck with some problems because they become more creative and insightful as they are dreaming. Moreover, poets and writers like Mary Shelly also argue that they come up with better ideas on what to write when they are sleeping. Mary Shelly is also known for her dream journal habits, and do you know what dream journals enhance? The probability of lucid dreaming!

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